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  1. My role model is Jesus Christ. The power of his words is amazing. Short, but accurate.

    I recently experienced what it feels like to be responsible for the fate of the world. Of course, on a smaller scale, but when you have a huge responsibility, then “sweat” can “become blood”.

  2. Napoleon I Bonaparte. A man who went through the life of a provincial on a Mediterranean island, the struggle in a military college, the difficult path from lieutenant from artillery to general (here and Toulon 1793, and the Uprising of 13 Vendemière 1795) ; here and personal love stories, constant intrigues in the young republican apparatus. Then, a whole era from the Italian Campaign to the fall of Paris in 1814. After, 100 days and Waterloo. And, at the end, 6 years of gradual and slow death on the island. St. Helena, surrounded by enemies. Just read the Thoughts and Maxims of the Prisoner of Saint Helena, written by the adjutant of le grande Empereur, and the conclusions will ask for themselves.

  3. Niccolo Machiavelli. One of the smartest people of his century, whose works had a huge impact in his time, moreover, they are still relevant today.

  4. Joseph Stalin. The most brilliant career in the XX century. Simply, without any background of the board, objectively. Well, what else can I add so that the answer is accepted)

  5. Salah al-Din, or Saladin, was the founder of the Ayyubid dynasty. A charismatic leader and a talented commander who made a dizzying career for himself, but above all-an incredibly noble man, the first knight of the Islamic world. He was respected by both friends and enemies, and the great Christian King Richard exchanged pleasantries with him. Having taken Jerusalem, he did not allow his troops to kill civilians in the city – at that time, such mercy for the defeated Gentiles was real nonsense both in Europe and in Asia. Isn't this a person worth looking up to?

  6. Alexander III, the Peacemaker Tsar. It seems to me that Alexander Alexandrovich deserves attention as an emperor, as a family man, and simply as a person who sacredly considered himself Russian and loved everything Russian. Personally, for me, he is the best ruler that Russia could have known. Strong, tough, patriotic, than not an idol! And his “When the Russian Tsar is fishing, Europe can wait” can not but delight.

  7. I have always admired de Gaulle, because his life is heroic and his courage is amazing, both during the Second World War, when he created a Free France, and during the Algerian crisis. And when France said “no” to him at the plebiscite, he left. Honor and nobility of a French officer.

  8. And why not name Vlasov? Not the one who is a “traitor”, but the one who is a warlord. Who never abandoned his fighters (which later led to capture by the Nazis, and in another case, death)

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