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  1. The most intelligent insects are bees and ants .Because their work is planned and organized .They live in large and friendly families i.e. they are practically social creatures

  2. I don't know about octopuses. But recently I saw how far flying fish can fly. I don't eat their caviar rolls anymore and I don't recommend it to my friends:)

  3. I don't know about the ignorant,but I recently saw a post on tq.It was answered by mammals that use written language for communication.I don't trust smm developers anymore,and I don't advise you to either.

  4. I don't know much about gorillas. But I once saw TheQuestion users who masterfully mastered the template for answering the above question. I don't eat any more TheQuestion users, and I don't recommend it to you.

  5. The above people, apart from Alexey, don't seem to distinguish insects from chordates. In my opinion, the most intelligent insects are bees, as their cooperative nature is in no way inferior to ants, just as bees have demonstrated the ability to do arithmetic´┐Żhttp://www.membrana.ru/particle/13062 thus boldly claiming the title of the smartest insect in the world.

  6. I don't know much about mushrooms. But I saw gorillas at the zoo once. They have very intelligent faces and human habits. I don't eat any more gorillas, and I don't recommend it to you.

  7. The most intelligent insect can rightfully be considered an ant, because it is one of the few social insects. They gather in huge groups and take in smaller colonies to make slaves of them. They also know how to navigate by the sun. They go to war against each other. They are capable of enslaving ,applying tactics and strategy, using other animals and plants for their own purposes. When hunting, they work together to kill a larger insect. In general, ants, definitely No. 1 of insects in the mind

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