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  1. Better choice. Whoever wants to die, let him die, and whoever wants to live, let him live.

    Many people have an instinctive desire for death, which is a defensive reaction of the psyche to the realization of its probable inevitability. But, paradoxically, few people are ready to implement it right now.

  2. But if an elephant climbs on top of a whale, who will save whom? Which is better – a plane or a car? And what is “life”, and why do we live at all? As the wise Neanderthal proverb says-one dolbak will ask so many questions that a hundred wise men will not answer. Therefore, Neanderthals ate such dolbakov, which is why they died out, poisoned.

  3. There are 2 principles in man – the animal, it is afraid of death, and the spiritual, it is more important and is afraid to screw up a lot, to sin. That is why if a person greatly harms the soul, then he is ready to kill himself. Unfortunately, Christianity rejected the idea of reincarnation. And the person has become cowardly, it is easier to manage them through low instincts. And the best of men are those who are not afraid of death. At the same time, death is like a dream. You are rested and with new strength in battle. New game. Life is like a computer game quest. With different levels. And an infinite number of lives. But by the rules of the game, we forget past lives. Occasionally, some people manage to remember them.

  4. If immortality is absolute and there is no way to end it, then of course it is better to be mortal. But the ideal option for me is to be able to decide on your own when to die.

  5. As I see it, all for mortality. But I will have a different opinion. For society, yes, mortality. But for an individual, this is already a personal matter. For me, this is immortality. Moreover, this is my biggest wish.
    Why does everyone think that if there is immortality, then for everyone? By nature, it is unlikely that someone will be born immortal, so it is necessary to make it so, for example, to break the aging mechanism. If a person doesn't want to be immortal, no one will force them. Yes, and immortality still needs to be earned. God forbid that some scumbag was immortal!
    And yes, not eternal old age, but eternal youth.
    Someone asked me: do I want to grow old and die? Again, everything was decided for me (who decided: God, nature or someone else)?
    So, immortality is scary, because we don't know what it is (well, yes, no one has experienced it yet)? What if the atheists are right, and there is no other world, no reincarnation, and for the deceased the world simply ceases to exist? This is even scarier.
    I don't do anything bad to anyone, on the contrary, I try to do as much good as possible. I constantly think about what can be improved in this world and how. I'll always find something to do. I am a childfree, so there will be no overpopulation of the Earth by my descendants. So why shouldn't I be immortal?

  6. It is no accident that the fairy tales of all nations (and this is the concentrated experience of thousands of years) say at the end: “And they lived a long time and died in one day.” It's about good characters. And the immortals in them were different ghouls: for example, Koshchei. Apparently, intuitively, people felt that there was nothing good about immortality… Although immortality is technically achievable and there are enough resources for any number of such creatures. But will these creatures be human? The whole nature of man, his morality, is based on the mortality of the latter. If you find yourself in the company of immortals, you will hardly want to be the same: they will definitely not have love, friendship and mutual assistance; you simply will not understand each other…The most terrible torment, in my opinion, is forced immortality. But I'd love to live for two hundred years.

  7. This is a question that everyone can answer for themselves. Over time. For man is both mortal in his earthly life and immortal after its end. However, almost always lives as if death is still somewhere far away, somewhere in the indefinite future. But it is always near and can overtake literally at every second. In ordinary everyday life, the realization of this is blocked: it seems incredible (they say, “with anyone, but not with me”). Just as the idea of further life “there” is blocked: it also seems improbable, although even from a purely logical point of view it is quite possible. These two “improbabilities” are the two main illusions associated with death. More precisely, the mechanism of immortalization, as it is called in psychology. And to put it simply, it is based on an underlying double fear: fear of death and fear of immortality, since in the earthly life a person has no personal experience of either. But the point is also that here it is not only comprehension by reason, but everyone, by their own freedom, creates their own answer to the question: which is better-life in mortality or immortality in eternity? For the second depends on the first: what you sow, as they say, you will reap.

  8. It depends in what sense. It is better to die physically once, when you get tired of living, but not to die mentally (to die mentally is to go to hell). I think that physical mortality is better, but at the same time spiritual immortality

  9. Immortality is life in a physical or spiritual form that does not stop indefinitely (or for any length of time). Speaking of immortality in physical form, there is a distinction between conditional biological immortality…

    Mortality is a statistical indicator that estimates the number of deaths. In demography, the ratio of the number of deaths to the total population per unit time, usually per year

    It depends on the person that he chooses and not on us everyone will choose for themselves.

    If you didn't like the speech of the PJ, I'll be ready for amendments in the comments.

  10. Human life, no matter how you look at it, is a dead end. People are dying. But no one is ready to “become forever forever”, is it? It's incredibly scary,because we don't know what it's like. No one knows what will happen after the death of the physical body, and what will happen to our consciousness. Where will it go? What will we become? Most likely, we will be what we were before we were born. But these are just my guesses.
    What about immortality? This is also an incredibly boring and clumsy process. Do you want to relive the death of loved ones many times? Or do you want to stay in an old body that is slowly crumbling? I don't want to either. And if everyone is immortal,then I don't say anything at all about the chaos.

    A person's life is a double-edged sword.�

  11. Definitely mortality. Or definitely me, mortality. With our psychic apparatus of this kind, infinity is sure to grow into something terrifying. And in such a formulation of the question, it becomes unclear how this will be implemented – it is clear, of course, that this is only a fable, but will a person not even grow old? Or will he turn off the death switch at a certain age, or will he remain a grandfather forever? Even if we stop at a certain age, it seems to me that no one would do such a thing, not even including the fact that this reflection is fiction. I'll get tired of living. If only it were just a little longer, then yes, there will be something to do at this time!

    This creature will not be us at all, its philosophy will change. The question “What awaits me after death?” it will be replaced with another one. This is such a fantastic situation that even the brains melt to slap this immortal hero into our society, and describe it.�

    And if the question of life after death, as about the immortality of the “soul”, then this is not your place. This is even more difficult to describe.

  12. Mortality, definitely! I used to think that immortality is a super gift. However, after reading Jonathan Swift, it became clear that immortality is terrible. Look in the third part, when the author talks about his attitude to immortality, and he is told about the struldbrugs.

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