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  1. It has long been known that a smart person will get out of a situation that a wise person will not get into.

    So we need both those and others, and fools – to make it easier for Kama to distinguish the first from the second. And also people who love adventures: “he's like where something is-so immediately-go there…” Mothers need different things. And dads, too.

  2. There are two bulls on the mountain and the young one says to the old one, ” Let's go down quickly and have that cow.”No, says the old one.We'll go down slowly and eat the whole herd.”Which of them is the wise one?

  3. It is more important not to suffer from megalomania .There is no such thing as smart or wise ,they are not mutually exclusive concepts .Usually such questions are asked by people suffering from megalomania ,Freud went to treat such schizos, that is, he put them on the dough, they say the richer a person is, the more stupid he is .America is awash with rich fools who are willing to pay for a session of self-love .This is much easier to solve here :you take a bubble ,knock, for example, to me, and I'll excuse you, Pordon, I explain to you who and what, and almost for free, well, except for one more bubble.

  4. The concept of smart applies to people with tactical thinking, those who can decide here and now, such people immediately give the result, make mistakes and correct. Wise applies to people to strategic thinking, it's a kind of mnogohodovochki, with great knowledge of the mistakes of their own and others, supported by both theory and practice. At the same time, it is enough for an intelligent person to know superficially in order to interact with it, for a wise person to change it in more depth, etc..

    In practice, being a smart person is easier, but being wise is more productive. And so it all depends on the depth of knowledge.

  5. “A fool “falls into a pit,” a wise man knows how to get out of it, and a wise man knows how not to get into it.” It will be more useful and important for a person not to fall into the “pit of life”. It is written in the wise Book: “Wisdom gives protection.” But wisdom comes over the years, and, unfortunately, � “turns on” not always.

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