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  1. Perhaps the question sounds like this-logic or feelings? They play on different fields. There are topics where logic beats feelings (the stock market), and there are topics where feelings beat logic (love triangles).

    About what to do, you can answer with a phrase from a joke: “do as you know, you'll regret it anyway.”

  2. What is more invested and preferred is stronger. I do not know what to do, because the case is not described. And the most effective tool of a person is reasonableness – a workable set of all available systems, functions, properties and qualities, the sign of which is the ability to clearly formulate their requests. Well, at least.

  3. A reserved person is able to control himself and knows how to restrain emotions. I think it all depends on the person. If a person has self-control, they have a stronger “brain”. And if there is no self-control, feelings take over. ⠀
    It happens that the feelings can still be very strong. If you turn on your mind in time and pull yourself together, you can help the “brain” to be stronger than feelings or emotions. And this will help you not to mess up 😂 If the “brain” wins, you can be proud of yourself! 💪 ⠀

  4. The brain is just a physical instrument of the mind. The mind is an aspect of the mind.

    It is incorrect to compare the material brain and feelings. It is more correct to compare the mental mind with the heart.

    To discern the inclinations of the mind in yourself, you need to observe your small feelings, control your thinking to improve its quality.

  5. The brain is a common alternation of thinking and receiving and transmitting information of the body. PHYSICAL. And emotions are feelings-energy. How do you compare them? These are absolutely incomparable things in terms of evaluation. And even more so, the brain is inside the person, and the feelings are outside of it.

  6. The strongest symbiosis. When the brain decides to meet the needs of the test of feelings.

    What to do? Understand what feelings you want to experience (preferably in the long run). Then it is rational to go towards this goal and, having achieved it, maintain the status quo.

  7. The brain is a material organ of a person, like the kidneys, heart, liver, pancreas, etc. Human feelings are a substance , on the contrary, immaterial.These are our emotions. You can't compare the incomparable! And there's nothing you can do about it.

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