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  1. In my opinion, this is not done in the film. And in the TV series directed by Jonathan Nolan “Wild West World”. The show is very specific to me. Human androids are made so realistic, not only physically, but mentally. The psyche is very similar to that of humans. Well, on the one hand, of course, I agree with the above answer. Yes,from our point of view, the ideal AI should be human. But these are just made-up thoughts like good and evil. There is neither good nor evil. Everything is relative. IMHO.

  2. Of course, in Ex Machine, you can see the evolution of the mind, unlimited possibilities, the ability to reproduce anything. At the same time, the story looks very convincing and impresses with the finale!

  3. 1) “Artificial Intelligence” by Steven Spielberg. A story about how a robot loved and wanted to become a human. What made him human-like was what he loved, and the only difference from us would be that he was still a robot.

    2) “Robot named Chappie” – here the robot does not look like a human in appearance. However, he feels emotions. However, he learns much better than any other person.

    3) “She” – here artificial intelligence does not have an external shell at all, but it is extremely social and extremely similar to us.

  4. For example,

    The day the Earth stopped moving

    Ex machina

    Odyssey 2001

    Artificial intelligence

    Blade Runner

    The Pirx Pilot Inquiry

    from the anime

    Ergo proxy

    Ghost in the Shell

  5. Space Odyssey 2001 (1968)

    Arthur C. Clarke explained the motives of HAL 9000 in some detail, and there was no banal “kill all people”.

    War Games (1983)

    It's also a very nice story about AI.

  6. In my opinion, there is no such movie. Mostly, not because the screenwriters have a bad imagination, but because a plausible version of AI would be too different from anything that resembles our human experience. There is no reason to believe that AI should be like the evil machines that dream of destroying humanity from The Terminator, the tragic androids from the Philip K. Dick story based on Blade Runner, or the touching robot from Valley.

    Plausible AI is devoid of anthropomorphic features – both at the level of physical structure and in cognitive terms. He is capable of self-learning and in a very short time gets experience and builds a cognitive model of the world that is orders of magnitude higher than the human understanding of the situation. The film we could make about this story would be extremely concise: you walk into a movie theater, sit down before a show, and then the screen instantly goes off – you no longer have the slightest idea what's going on here.

    It's as if orangutans or even cockroaches are trying to make sense of people's lives and make films about them. A completely useless exercise.

    You can only make a movie about an AI whose behavior is sufficiently human-like that we can give it anthropomorphic traits – and thus retain some semblance of control and understanding. There are a number of such films in the culture, from “Star Wars” (where C3PO gets close to the truth, stating that Luke Skywalker is still quite a smart guy – for a human, of course; by the way, on the forums of “Star Wars” fans, a popular version is being discussed, according to which C3PO is an undercover terminator who came to a distant galaxy to enslave people – a very romantic and anthropocentric hypothesis), so, from “Star Wars” to “Her” and the “Big Bang Theory” series, in which Koothrapali falls in love with Siri. And these films show that thinking machines have become an everyday part of our culture even before they were invented. But only on the condition that these machines remain humanoid, in fact-no more than artificial people.

    So these films are about people and relationships between them, and others we humans probably wouldn't be interested in watching. A film about real AI would probably look like the Truman Show, in which no one is watching Truman and he has nowhere to run.

  7. How can you evaluate the plausibility of artificial intelligence in movies, if there is nothing to compare it with in real life!? It doesn't seem to have been created yet, so it doesn't make sense to talk about plausibility. You can compare the artificial intelligences depicted in different films and choose those that better meet our ideas about AI.

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