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  1. I'm not sure that I would like to learn exactly (it's a little late, I'm afraid), but many people would like to communicate and ask questions. But many of these people will only be able to talk to me in the Hereafter. For example (I consider the concept of “designer” as broad as possible):

    Friedensreich Hundertwasser – �his theory of the relationship between man and nature (more precisely, the maximum non-interference and merging of man with nature) I'm terribly interested.

    Konstantin Melnikov – “I would really like to catch him on the contradictions of the concept and everyday realities -” he built himself a very uncomfortable house for life.

    I would hang out with all the artists of the book from the era of the Russian Silver Age –there are so many geniuses that you can't choose one: Bakst, Dobuzhinsky, Somov, Narbut, Mitrokhin, and Benoit… a few dozen sophisticated and bold charts probably taught me something.

    I would talk to the architects of the so-called “Stalinist Empire style” (and the slightly earlier Art Deco periol), study their explanations of the transformation of classicism into neo – or false classicism (although I understand roughly where the aesthetic and ideological legs grow from, but)- Ж Zholtovsky, Rudnev, Chechulin, Alabyan, Golosov, Friedman…

    Tadanori Yoko and Shigeo Fukuda – ” geniuses of the Japanese poster – “I would like to ask where the paradoxical illogic that turns into magical beauty came from.

    Oh, well, I would have scored a couple of dozen more characters, but I'm afraid to tire you out…

  2. I would like to spend at least a week as a student of the beautiful Italian Bruno Munari. But alas, this is no longer possible, so I just keep his books “Fantasy”, “Design as Art” and “Drawing a Tree”on the table and rub them to holes.

  3. Learn more…. 🤔🤔🤔Well, perhaps, if such an opportunity presented itself, I would most likely take a couple of lessons to learn from the great ones of DALI's” Impossible and Unique”.

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