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  1. Nobody. Superman is the goal that humanity should strive for, but it is, in fact, almost a different species (since Nietzsche says that superman is different from man in the same way that man is different from apes). Nietzsche writes directly about this:

    There has never been a superman before! Naked I saw both, the biggest and the smallest man. They are still too similar to each other. Truly, I found even the greatest of them too human!

    Moreover, the arrival of the superman will mean the destruction of humanity.

    I love those who do not �looking for �for �stars �reason, �to die �and �to become �victim � and sacrifice themselves to the earth, to the earth once was the land of Superman. I love the one who lives for knowledge, and who wants to know so that the superman may one day live. For this is how he wants to be destroyed. I love him who works and invents to build a home for the superman, and to prepare the earth, the animals, and the plants for his coming: for so he wills his own destruction.

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