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  1. I have heard that any argument in history is a dispute between Plato and Aristotle.

    I also heard that a young man lives in the world of logical truths, and a person who has lived in the world of statistical truths.

    Here is Plato-young, and Aristotle-lived. I am no longer as young as Plato, but I am not yet as old as Aristotle.

    From what has been said in passing, it follows that any dispute in history is a dispute between the young and the old.

    If only youth could, if only old age could…

  2. I liked reading Plato better. Only mostly about Socrates. So not a fact =))

    I only read Aristotle's Metaphysics and On the Soul, the rest in chunks. It is impossible to read; it seems that some half-educated students have glued the text together according to their <under-understanding>. If you do not assume that there is a great thought somewhere, there is literally no chance of < finding this thought>.

    But you can solve it like <something like a crossword puzzle>. Come up with your own < idea>, string <thought> < ყფ ყტ” > his arguments. And he cheerfully criticizes others, this is the most understandable thing. In general, there are advantages (until you get tired).

    I've put the parentheses in order to give you a feeling. It would be nice to also index and mix paragraphs, but this is laziness.

  3. For me … It's more like Aristotle than Plato , and I don't really know much about it , but I think Aristotle is better than Plato .. Aristotle is a better known historical figure than Plato .. I may be wrong 🧚 ♀ ️

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