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  1. This is a question that everyone must answer for themselves. Just look at this picture and make a choice. The problem is that not everyone can.
    If you fly away, your conscience won't let you rest. If you stay, the physical pain will bring suffering.

  2. These things should not be compared, but the more physical of course harder to get away from her nowhere, but she's come on fast when help, emotional pain can last a very long time, the most severe emotional pain is of course the loss of a loved one, on the second place comes the pain of parting with a loved one, this may lead to depression, etc. So, carefully handle other people's hearts, do not fall in love with anyone in vain.

  3. The fact is that physical pain is usually short-lived, and mental pain can last even for years. If the physical terrible pain lasts for a very long time, there is a chance of dying from pain shock. And if the mental pain lasts as long as a normal physical one, it is not so painful. So with one duration, physical severe pain is worse.

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