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  1. Gautam Buddha.
    Jesus Christ.
    Lao Tzu.
    More modern ones
    Isaac Newton.
    Albert Einstein.
    Niels Bohr.

    James Clerk Maxwell

    By Carl Gustav Jung.
    Even more modern

    Mahatma Gandhi.
    Irina Khakamada.
    Natalia Grace.
    Kristina Kudryavtseva.
    J. Stevens.
    Why them?
    The soul responds and the mind does not object.

  2. No one is perfect to me in the sense of being perfect.

    My children are beautiful to me, all five of them.

    Because I love them.

    And all the people I love. Beautiful, and certainly not perfect.

    That's why I'm a part of it, too.

    The characters and characters don't; I just don't know any of them. Images and stories. This is different.�

  3. Many beautiful people lived on Earth. But the closest to us in time are Nicholas and Elena Roerich. They lived a very beautiful life, left us a huge legacy, and raised two wonderful sons. In India, where they lived most of their lives, Nikolai Konstantinovich-a thinker and artist-is revered as a Great Spirit. Elena Ivanovna left us a description of her fiery experience, predicting the coming Fiery Epoch for all mankind.
    They left us the teaching of Living Ethics, or Agni Yoga. This teaching says that the era of separation should be replaced by the era of unification, in fact, this is the herald of a New World.

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