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  1. As for me, Beeline has a wonderful family of All-in-One fares. It includes, among other things, not related to the issue, from 1200 to 5000 minutes for calls to subscribers of any operators throughout Russia, as well as unlimited calls between subscribers of this tariff. There are 4 options with different number of minutes, gigabytes of Internet, SMS and home TV channels. The cost starts at 600 rubles / month, but again it is worth mentioning that by default it includes more than just calls. Choose based on your needs. For more information about the pricing plan, see here.

    You can also borrow a SIM card from Yota. Unlike Beeline, you can create your own tariff by specifying the required number of minutes and Internet traffic. Available from 100 to 2000 minutes per month for all Russian numbers + unlimited access between Yota subscribers. The basic rate, which includes calls (100 minutes and 1 GB of Internet), will cost only 180 rubles / month. You can also connect unlimited traffic to social networks and instant messengers, of course, for an additional fee. Again, choose what you like best. For more information about the pricing plan, see here.

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