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  1. It is extremely annoying when people talk with their mouths full, swallow savorily and loudly, crunch. It also infuriates slurping, snorting with a snotty nose, coughing, husking seeds, snapping your knuckles, and it's also disgusting when you click your neck while twitching your head.

  2. The sound of a fork or knife scraping on a glass plate. Terrible sound. Sharp and unpleasant.

    When inhaled through the mouth, some people swallow saliva. This is very annoying.

    The sound of a nail file slowly grinding off a nail.

    The screeching of children. I understand that these are children. That they're small…But it's too loud. It almost physically hurts me.

    The rusty swing creaks.

    The sound of the grinder. It's too harsh for me.

  3. Squeaky voice of people who are also very loud and talk a lot))And when they hammer nails, very much and for a very long time)The creak of a door or a non-greased swing in the yard, which children often ride on)

  4. It may sound strange, but I don't like it when people crumple paper or turn it over for a long time. It makes my teeth hurt:D And I don't like it when they scratch glossy paper with their fingernails. Brr, just imagined, and already not good.

  5. There is one sound that haunts me all my life! You can remove it by swiping your finger across a glossy magazine, or by wiping the glass with a wet cloth. This ringing rasp just bites into my brain, and I really feel it, it makes something tickle in my head, and it's unbearable! I write this answer, I remember the sound and the brain again covers these terrible sensations

  6. I can't stand the sound of scratching cloth with my fingernails. if you tuck in the sheets and touch the sofa or mattress with your fingernail, my teeth start to cramp, I shudder, goosebumps all over my body. For some time ( from 5 minutes to 2 hours) I can't recover from what I heard, my brain remembers the sound and abruptly returns me to the state I described above. I don't know how to deal with it. Everyone around me says that I just made it up for myself, and I really feel sick from this sound.

  7. When someone is eating nearby and makes that unbearable chewing sound, like a cucumber or apple. It is especially disgusting when this person starts chewing at high speed – then, if you close your eyes, it seems that a man in felt boots is running through the snow.

    The rustling of food bags in the movies is also very annoying. Rather than the sound itself, it's a combination of your desperate attempts to focus on the movie and the sound (and often the smell) of a bag of junk rustling in the cheese room..not without which it is simply impossible to feel good in this dark realm of entertainment for most scumbags.

    But in the first place is the creak of fresh cotton socks that rub against shoes. At the same time, I feel that my teeth were first stripped of enamel, and then they began to rub them with these crunchy fucking socks. God, this is disgusting.

  8. When people shuffle their feet. It's just awful.

    A woman's squeal.

    So-called sniffling.

    Any loud music or TV that works at high volume.

    Dog barking and March cat songs

  9. Loud coughing, crunching of the knee, snoring, speech of a toothless person,a person who is talking and yawning at the same time, slurping, sniffing or snuffling of the tongue, loud breathing, loud speech, crunching of fingers. all these sounds really infuriate me when they are repeated once. at such moments, you want to beat or beat yourself,break your head against the wall, there are thoughts that you want to strangle or withdraw a person's throat. I only recently realized that something is wrong with me, but I can't even figure out exactly what is wrong with me.maybe someone knows why this is happening to me?I don't wind myself up at all now, I really have such thoughts , sometimes it seems that at this rate I will break down and do something bad. but when these sounds are not present, I am absolutely calm,and nothing really bothers me

  10. In general, when you mess up somewhere or forget to buy something, the sounds made by your Wife from the next room are VERY annoying !!! I love her =)

  11. Usually, the scraping of appliances on dishes is annoying. And sometimes, during a bad state of health(as I noticed), any loud sounds, it becomes straight uncomfortable.

  12. The rustle of a ballpoint pen on paper. It drives me crazy at lectures at the university, when all the students listen to the lecturer in silence.�

    Chomping and smacking. Brrrr.

  13. Very often, buses have advertising screens. Since it is almost always the same company, it is everywhere. Literally. Such ads always use some terrible tune that makes you sick. Yes, and they turn it every three minutes. Yes, and even in all minibuses/buses. It always makes you want to go out the window.

  14. I'll write my favorite sounds first, and then the ones I hate.

    I love sounds:

    The sound of slime, like someone slurping.

    Sounds of two iron objects.

    Creaking sounds from the board.

    Sounds of construction vehicles.

    The sound of a noisy vacuum cleaner.

    Sounds of water and rain.

    The squeaky voice of Japanese women.


    When dirt, slime, falls on yourself or on the floor.

    I hate sounds:

    Crying baby.


    Abnormal sounds.

    Alarm sound.

    Sound of the clock hands.


    A fart.

  15. I have a bit of a problem with sounds, and I don't like to hear a lot of things. But the most terrible thing is the cry of an infant. Such a sound plunges me into a panic shock and horror. Sometimes I feel like I don't have much control over myself if I hear a baby boy, so I try to stay away from them. At the same time, oddly enough, I raised my own, but I endured it with all my might.

  16. I hate it when people use their tongue to get food leftovers out of their teeth! making terrible noises at the same time, what could be more terrible, I can't imagine…) how to deal with this? Pomogiteeee

  17. Most of all, I hate the screeching of children. Well, it just makes your eyes roll up. I also hate the sound of foam scratching, the scraping of a fork on an empty plate, and other squeaky noises.

  18. When you do something with your nails, especially when you peel off the nail polish or peel off the nail, or when you saw it, I feel this sound on my back when I can't even seem to hear it.

    Although, of course, I can handle everything fine on myself)

    And the sound of heels in the snow, just the sound of heels when the snow creaks. Wild sound!

    • The sound of the tip of an unevenly broken dry stick rubbing against cardboard or silicate bricks. Even thinking about it gives me an almost physical pain.
  19. When the temperature is sub-zero, the snow creaks under your feet,it's not even a crunch, it's a creak!! Terrible sound and physical sensations..I have no idea why people haven't written about it yet(

  20. The sound of foam rubbing against glass.

    The scrape of metal against glass. Brrr, I write and goosebumps run from disgust.

    When you press too hard with a marker / felt-tip pen on the paper, and it disgustingly “creaks” and scrapes. This sound also happens if you try to write with a dried marker or felt-tip pen. Ugh, the horror!

    When they sniffle. When sipping tea or another drink with a sound. And even when they slurp.

    You also know, there are such sneakers… I don't know what the sole is made of, but it creaks! Sometimes people running on the escalator in the subway make this sound. Or if you run and stop abruptly on a wooden floor – a classmate infuriated me with this sound in physical education classes.

  21. I just freeze out from the sound that makes Bolognese clothes when moving. Bolonevye trousers, kombezy, jackets…. brrrrr….. When I was small, my mother bought me just such clothes for the winter, and by adjusting them on me, as if she deliberately undermined my psyche with this terrible screech. I'm writing now, and I can almost feel the scrape of cloth…

    Friends , acquaintances-normally this sound is tolerated.

  22. When I went to bed at one o'clock in the morning, tomorrow is Tuesday, I have to get up early, and outside the window (through the wall) there is a drinking party with loud music, and the perpetrators of the celebration do not respond to comments, the police say that they go only for corpses. Ready to take your gun and go shoot the villains.

  23. The most terrible, annoying and disgusting sounds are when a human individual speaks with his mouth full. The sheep's bleating also gets annoying when the lamb cries for about an hour or more. And the sound of a drill being drilled for more than two hours. Also a loud talking TV directly brr.

  24. When the flour is rubbed by hand on the board so that the dough does not stick to it. At this time, everything inside shrinks. I wonder what causes this when the nuisance of sound is felt physically.

  25. A scrape of any kind, very loud and sharp, like iron on glass. The sound of a working grinder, snoring, loud yawning in 4 octaves, chanson songs.When snot is sucked in, I'm disgusted. These are the most annoying ones.

    A neighbor who listens to the church channel at night with songs like ” hello.”

  26. The sound of a nail file moving slowly across the nail. This causes goosebumps all over the body. + the sound of the drill is nasty. Therefore, electric mowers, which combine this still with the smell of heated organic matter, seem to me to be a hellish torture tool.

  27. When they scratch the board with their fingernails. Brrr, this is something terrible, even now I cringe when I imagine it. And it's probably unpleasant for almost everyone

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