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  1. Disclaimer: The finale effect has a lot to do with how you perceive the show's evolution over the years. It's rare that in the middle of a mega-successful final season, a bad ending suddenly looms (either it was a long time ago, or your understanding of the show was at odds with the creators ' opinion for a long time, but something else supported the illusion that your paths were the same). For my taste, for example, both the reprehensible ending of LOST is excellent, and the denouement “How I Met Your Mother” is not terrible, but even logical and poignantly logical.

    Final “Twin Peaks ” can shock, and also sharply raises the question of the connection of fiction with reality.

    Final “Mad Men ” effectively ended the saga, personal drama and cast of the era, while simultaneously putting a period and hinting at the ellipsis (more about the immutability of human nature than the sequel).

    The animated series Finale “Gravity Falls ” at the same time effectively completed a fantastic story, and also conveyed the feeling of the last day of summer.

    The Sherlock finale in the middle of a bad season reminded us that we love adventure narratives and TV shows in general precisely because they may never end.

    Final “Troll Hunters ” allowed me to say goodbye to Anton Yelchin and my childhood, but still hinted that chivalrous stories do not run out and are reborn, and people remain alive in the hearts of others.

  2. The series ” Breaking Bad “is an ending that will not disappoint you. And the TV series “True Detective”, also a great ending in all three seasons.

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