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  1. At the moment, I consider the following sites and platforms to be the best::

    1. LinguaLeo, where you will work out grammar, vocabulary, make flashcards with words and expressions that you will learn and monitor your progress. After testing, the program will offer you the best course consisting of paid and free content. In fact, it is a platform where links to thousands of different sources are given, ranging from high-quality content on youtube to songs.

    2., a great source to explore. The basis of the course is the development of listening skills, but in addition, the course is designed to learn new vocabulary. Tasks are sorted by level, as well as by tasks, for example, household English, English for exams. The site was created by an American teacher, so this is a good opportunity to learn the American version of the language.

    3. BBC, section Learning English. There are a lot of materials, both for spoken English, academic and business.
    4. British Council. The British Council website has a huge amount of materials: reading, puzzles, tasks to increase vocabulary.
    5. On Youtube, I like the EndVid channel, good presentation of the material, logical and accessible explanations, charismatic presenters.

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