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  1. I would say it differently. Our body tends to adapt, and therefore it will adapt to any work, you just need to show diligence and develop a habit.
    Usually, the first month of hard work is the most difficult, whether it's weightlifting or preparing for exams. And this is understandable, because you are out of your comfort zone, you have a certain load that forces your body to produce energy. This is because you need to warm up, just like any new equipment. You probably noticed that after working for a while, for example, headphones began to produce a clearer sound, and the bass began to hammer better. All because they warmed up. Our body also needs to warm up, and this is the adaptation to any kind of stress, moving from the complex to the usual. Later, you will push the bar higher and higher, because work becomes easy and routine for you, and you are hungry for progress. Something like that.�▁ ▂ ▃ ▅ ▆

  2. Depends on the evaluation criteria. If you take from a personal example, my life was reviled both on construction sites and in warehouses, and despite physical fatigue, I still found the strength for training, for any training, but I have never been so exhausted as after a good day of programming, on the one hand all the buns кофе coffeeyoutube oys, and on the other hand, sometimes in a sprint such tasks that by the evening

  3. Well, it depends. The physical labor of riding a bike is much more fun than the mental labor of writing an accompanying text to the concept of a corporate calendar for a metalworking office. Conversely – the mental labor of composing mechanical computer toys is much easier than the physical labor of digging a ditch.

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