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  1. Already in antiquity, people came to the conclusion that the Earth has a spherical shape. However, the ancient Greek philosophers Leucippus and Democritus considered the Earth flat.

    Among the Christian philosophers who supported the flat Earth theory were Lactantius, Severianus of Gabala, Diodorus of Tarsus, and the author of Christian Topography, Kozma Indicoplov.

    In the academic circles of the European Middle Ages, the theory of a flat Earth was no longer considered, scientists defended the idea of a spherical Earth.

  2. Oh, if it were only a matter of hoary antiquity…

    Anyone who has read Plutonium is familiar with the model of a hollow Earth where you can live on its inner surface (a violation of the theory of gravity that Newton created). And in the Habitable Island of ABS, Unknown Fathers imposed the concave world model on everyone. Massaraksh – the world inside out. It wasn't just an expletive, it was how they described a normal theory.

    So, the ABS didn't invent anything. They described the situation from the Nazi “nature”. Nazi scientists imagined the Earth to be concave. And this made it quite difficult not only for artillery calculations.

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