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  1. What do you think of these words?

    I will quote my other answer:

    You describe the so-called Hottentot moral : what is good is good for me.

    This morality is followed by people who have not considered it necessary to develop their ethical apparatus, who have not faced the need for it. Ethics is like a language. We use it to talk about situations, to make moral judgments, and an undeveloped ethic will not allow us to talk about difficult situations. And without being able to talk about complex situations, how do we build a complex society? Any society that includes more than a couple of hundred people inevitably begins to break up into subgroups with different interests, and Hottentot morality with its simplicity simply will not allow such a society to exist, to agree on a balance of these interests, without breaking up into smaller and more monolithic societies that are hostile to each other. Or it will allow it, but in very simple conditions, in which there is no place for a diverse society – for example, during a war.

    Just as illiteracy is an obstacle to the development of thinking, so simple morality is an obstacle to the development of society.

  2. Aime le bien, lutte contre le mal, le croyant dit,

    Le bien et le mal sont les uns dans les autres, le po├Ęte lui rabache.

    Mes amis, il n'y en a pas du tout, leur dit le philosophe,

    Il y a ce qui nous est utile et ce qui nous fait du mal.

    Love the good, fight the evil, the holy man says,

    Good and evil are one in another, the poet tells him.

    My friends, they don't exist at all, the philosopher tells them,

    There are things that are good for us and things that are bad for us.

  3. Stupidity. There are opinions of people about good and evil that contradict each other, and there are real, eternal and unchangeable concepts of good and evil. It is stupid and dangerous not to see the difference between them.

  4. I don't know about the philosopher, but everything post-biblical is plagiarism. Jesus Christ talked about this a lot. He taught people about evolution. On how to preserve the will to exist by keeping the commandments given to Moses.

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