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  1. Trotsky was actually a menshivik and advocated the unification of the opposition, social democracy, nonviolent coup, pluralism and liberalism. And Lenin was an ideological radical, an extremist and advocated secession, bloody red terror and revolution all over the world. To defeat Trotsky, he had to enlist the support of those who sought to break through and stay in power (including Stalin), push through the vote of the RSDLP (b) of February 23, 2018. the decision to conclude the Brest Peace (March 5), which marked the collapse of the Russian army and the Russian Empire, so that no one could go back and challenge Soviet power, not even Trotsky. And to consolidate it, the Soviet army was created, which organized the red terror, suppressed uprisings and collected surplus surplus. This is what we now celebrate on February 23 every year.

    But after Lenin, there were no ideological Bolsheviks led by Stalin, who did not need a world revolution of equal republics, but needed the seizure and annexation of territories under their own power. The only goal of the struggle was power itself, its acquisition and retention, so the Bolsheviks ignored Lenin's testament about the need to drive Stalin into the neck.

    For the sake of retaining power, Stalin consistently and methodically eliminated all the competitors now buried under the Kremlin walls, and declared the opposition first a left Trotskyist bloc with Kamenev, Zinoviev and Krupskaya, then a right Trotskyist opposition with Bukharin, Kamenev and Rykov, declared them a fifth column, appendages, hirelings of the West, and shot them.

  2. Trotskyists are adherents of Trotsky's leftist ideology and are considered communists.�

    Trotsky was one of the main communists during the civil War and at the time of Lenin's death had every chance to become his successor, but as we know, Stalin did it.

    Due to the fact that Stalin and Trotsky were in, to put it mildly, bad relations, the Trotskyists were expelled, and Stalin, fearing the Trotsky uprising, shot a huge number of military personnel in the 30s, which is why the USSR looked weak at the beginning of the Second World War.

    The Trotskyists are in favor of a world revolution, and that is, for communism to come by military means all over the world.

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