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  1. When it comes to the paintings of contemporary artists, many people imagine something incomprehensible: splashes and spots on the canvas, strange abstract figures or frankly shocking plots. Of course, such a “canvas” can not be hung on the wall in the living room or in the bedroom. And then why buy modern art?

    The most that avant-gardists can hope for is to exhibit their painting in a gallery with a good friend.

    And yet there is a demand for modern painting.

    1. Someone is looking for a gift for a boss or a well-off friend who is difficult to surprise with something. For such a case, some intricate picture is just right, especially if its author has already appeared in the media. Well, the price of the gift should be unobtrusively hinted at.
    2. Some believe that investing in avant-garde art is profitable, especially if a potential masterpiece can be purchased for a penny. However, it will take quite a long time to wait until the purchased painting becomes an antique and becomes more expensive.
    3. There are also amateur collectors who are genuinely passionate about modern painting. They buy interesting paintings and follow the work of their favorite artists.

    But do not assume that all modern art is reduced to the avant-garde or shocking. Many artists paint in a classical manner, create paintings in familiar genres. In virtual galleries (you can find a list of them here), there are no fewer classic landscapes, still lifes and portraits than there are strange canvases for amateurs. Owners of online resources that display modern paintings claim that traditional paintings in museum frames will never go out of fashion and are valued no less than “original” modern installations.

  2. Collectors who know a lot about investing) also buy art galleries. At stock auctions, buyers often remain incognito, if we are talking about a very expensive picture.

  3. True connoisseurs of modern art! There are certainly real works of art among contemporaries, but sometimes it reaches the point of absurdity! And I absolutely do not understand why people eat such ridiculous pictures, although maybe they can see the meaning in them))

  4. Contemporary artists ' paintings are bought by people whose basic needs are met (physiological needs, security needs, social belonging, recognition). In this case, the need for self-realization and spiritual development comes to the fore. This is the first point.

    As for the investment attractiveness of investments in contemporary art – “rumors are greatly exaggerated”) We still lack the necessary institutions in our country that would be able to create an investment field in the art market.

    They also often buy art as a status and elegant gift (the emphasis is on the status and high cost of the gift).

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