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  1. They came up with the first of two types* of creatures considered to be humans-Neanderthals. The first burials were found among them.

    I will quote my other answer:

    About twenty Neanderthal burials have been described. In most of them (some have been preserved damaged), people lie on their sides, one arm raised under their head, the other along the body and legs, and the legs are slightly bent. Sleeping person's pose. In some cases, flat stones are found under the head, in some cases pieces of cooked meat are assumed – animal bones with traces of fire, flint tools. The bodies are oriented from east to west, the face to south (this orientation is typical not only for Neanderthals, but also generally accepted). Soil samples taken from at least one burial site showed the presence of medicinal plant pollen.

    For example, the discovery of the burial of a woman and a one-year-old child in a grotto indicates a serious attitude to the burial. Depressions were hollowed out in the rock for them.


    News on them is difficult to track, but not new books the age of early burial is 230 thousand years, according to Drobyshevsky ~ 2004.

    Homo erectus is the second type of the first humans – very few remains have been found at all, and the burials, unfortunately, have not been identified. The remains were found in displaced layers, where traces of burials could not be preserved.

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