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  1. Sofia, an art therapist is primarily a psychologist, so they should have at least a higher psychological education.

    In order for a psychologist to practice art therapy methods, they need to complete a special education in this area.

    As for art education, it is not required in this case. After all, in this area of psychotherapy, art (art) is not engaged in by a psychologist, but by a client.

    That is, the psychologist suggests drawing something, coming up with a story, depicting the inner world through dance, etc.

    At the same time, the artistic value of this action is not evaluated. After all, for the participants in the process, it is important not to create a masterpiece of art, but to help the person (client) change their inner world through creative means.

    Therefore, to formally check such a specialist, you can ask him for two documents: a diploma of higher psychological education and a certificate from art therapy courses.

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