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  1. The question is not correct. None of them are happy. One due to the fact that he incorrectly evaluated the meaning of the life given to him, the other due to the fact that he does not evaluate anything at all, having descended to animal consumption.

  2. An excellent question, in my opinion, each of these characters was happy at some point in their lives, but misfortune overtakes them at any moment. Arthur is more unhappy than Nehochukha, he lived all his life with a sense of guilt, and unhappiness (if you can call it a temporary state of Nehochukha) was fleeting and very quickly transformed into a positive. This is my subjective opinion, do not judge strictly!!! Good luck to the author!!!

  3. Happy (unhappy) everyone in their own way. This is a personal matter for everyone. More interesting is the question of the possibility of influencing the course of events. On the one hand, the need to fight like lions seems to be more honorable, more worthy for a person than lying on the couch. So God said- ” I will not spit out hot or cold ones from my mouth-” On the other hand, the notorious “wheel of history” can not only be stopped, but also accelerated, no matter how significantly it is not possible. So why break spears, tear shirts, and even people to pieces ?!

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