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  1. Not worth.

    Chifir is a drink caused by industrial necessity. We chifirili daily in durka, because there was simply nothing to do there, and chifir gave at least some cheerfulness on top of antipsychotics.

    The sensations are nauseating. This is a light stimulant, that is, from chifir there is lightness in the body, it is pleasant to move, talkativeness increases, endurance increases. But all this is accompanied by nausea, the desire to go to the toilet in a big way and at the same time the inability to do it.�

    If there are any more noble psychostimulants, I would prefer them, and purely for the entertainment of idleness cyclodol is much more interesting. But chifir performed not so much a psychoactive-material function as a social one. People sit in a circle and watch the tea leaves fall. Like a bonfire, but without the guitar.

    But if this circle of people deprived of their liberty does not exist, then chifir also loses all meaning.

  2. I tried this stuff. The taste and color, of course. I can't say that I didn't like it very much, but I don't really want to try again.

    It tastes like very strong black tea, slightly astringent mouth (I thought so). There was a feeling in the stomach, as if the stone was swallowed – some kind of pinpoint Heaviness (does this happen at all? Hz, just trying to describe the feeling somehow), a little heartburn, and the most beautiful thing is constipation. It wasn't two days ago.. Well, you understand.

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