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  1. The comment above is very funny – employees of the previous shift do not search anyone, they do not have the competence to do this.�

    Flight attendants are FULLY screened, as well as passengers, only at a separate, special counter for staff.

    Flight attendants must board 2 hours before departure, not 15 minutes before departure. Before departure, they are required to check the cabin for safety, for the availability and functionality of equipment, take on board material and household valuables, food and check the lists of sky shop products.

  2. It was at my office late at night. It was already dark, I was walking on the first floor and I heard strange sounds on the third, I was alert and caught my breath, I began to slowly and confidently climb up, and there our cat was jumping on a stool from work, that's all, I don't remember any other cases.

  3. They are being inspected by the previous shift. Security personnel arrive at work, say, 15 minutes before the start of their shift, and, along with everyone else, go inside the airport, and then to the “clean zone”. During the passage, they are inspected by employees of the shift whose “working” time is ending.

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