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  1. There is an answer for the TV series, but I will answer for the books. Since Sherlock defeats Moriarty (of course, thanks not only to his intelligence, but also to his strength in the story “The Last Case of Holmes”), we can assume that it is Sherlock who starts with these two.

    But between the Holmes brothers, when Sherlock tells John about his brother, he says that Mycroft is much smarter than him, but too lazy.

    So my answer is similar to the others, Mycroft ze smartest guy

    Like this: Z

  2. According to the original source, that is, the book, Sherlock admits that his brother is much smarter, but does not leave the club and does not lie to the soul to look at riddles on “nature”.

    Well, Moriarty is smarter in a good way, because he came to the meeting at the waterfall not alone, but with an armed companion, although in the end Sherlock turned out to be smarter.

    In the BBC series, judging by the events and plot, Moriarty is smarter, because he turns everyone around as he wants.

  3. Given the latest series, it's safe to say that the smartest Holmes sister is Evr. As Mycroft himself put it, ” You know I'm smart, but Evr was outstanding. Our abilities were often evaluated by professionals. Mine were recognized as phenomenal, but Evr was qualified as a genius who defines our century.” Actually, throughout the final series, the outstanding abilities of Evr are shown. For example: “She predicted the exact dates of the last three terrorist attacks on British soil after spending an hour on Twitter”

    If you still choose from these three, it is quite difficult to say unequivocally. For Mycroft is smart, but cowardly. Sherlock is extremely emotional and attached to his loved ones (Watson, Mrs. Hudson). And Moriarty died knowing that he would cause even more trouble when he was dead than when he was alive.

    But speaking of purely intellectual superiority, perhaps Mycroft will win, as I have repeatedly said above and supported by the same facts that I would have given.

  4. According to Arthur Doyle's books, Mycroft is the smartest. It's just that Sherlock is more interesting with his contradictions and his relationship with Dr. Watson.

  5. We can assume that Mycroft.

    From the series, we learn that Sherlock actively cleans his Mind Chambers (he doesn't know how the Solar System works), while Mycroft may not think it's necessary or his Halls are simply bigger.�

    In the Christmas episode (“The Ugly Bride”), Sherlock reads a book, and in response to John's question about why he is doing this, he says that he is trying to quickly feed his brain with information, because they are going to a person who is smarter than him. Sherlock admits this fact without much pleasure, so it is likely that he is telling the truth.�

    As for Moriarty, he seems not so much clever as cunning. All his tricks, his hidden meaning, his love of riddles.

  6. Moriarty is dead, and if he doesn't resurrect abruptly, he will be the loser, and as a result, dumber than Sherlock, with whom he had a major fight. It's hard to compare Mycroft to Sherlock in terms of intelligence, but Sherlock is like a child by nature, he is always chasing something, trying to prove something, either to himself or to others. Mycroft does not prove anything to anyone, does not risk his life, and sometimes these qualities are considered a sign of intelligence, which, by the way, is an extremely stretchy concept and can be imagined in different ways. Personally I think Mycroft > > > > > Sherlock>>>Moriarty.(All of the above is purely my opinion, and I will only be glad if you can adequately parry it).

  7. Mycroft.

    Moriarty is not stupid, but he lost a mental battle to Sherlock on the roof (very difficult to understand). A fight that cost him his life. Moriarty is cunning, clever, but not as brilliant as the Holmes progeny.

    A choice between Sherlock and Myroft.�
    What can we learn from the series:

    Mycroft also played deduction in his youth and “always beat” Sherlock.
    * Sherlock was generally considered stupid as a child, until his parents sent him to school with other children. In addition, their sister, Evr Holmes (who is also the smartest person on the planet), told Sherlock: “Mycroft was smart… You always slowed down.”
    Sherlock never denied that Mycroft was smarter than he was. In “The Ugly Bride”, and at all, this is confirmed.

    So, if you choose from these three, it's Mycroft.

  8. I'll assume it's Sherlock after all

    Let it be a logical problem.

    Mycroft has all the means to find out about upcoming crimes and the whereabouts of all criminal figures. However, it is Sherlock who solves all these mysteries and murders, and usually without the help of his brother.

    And these crimes are organized by Moriarty (for the most part), so their disclosure is bad for his reputation.

    Therefore, Sherlock is definitely smarter than Moriarty (at least at the time of Season 4, episode 1).

    There are 2 brothers left. They didn't have many duels, but there were still some things that happened.

    First, in season three, a deductive game with a cap (where Sherlock says “even eeeeeezhik understands”). That battle was left to him

    Secondly, in the last episode of the third season, Sherlock drugged his brother and stole a laptop with secret data. In general, although there was a chip there (Cher knew about this), it was smarter that time

    And one last thing. The case of Irene Adler and her phone password. Mycroft had already given up, but then Sherlock saved everyone's life with his inference, in the best tradition.

    In general, Mycroft has more connections, but Sherlock is smarter

    PS Although everything may change from January 9, so I suggest waiting. If Mr. Sex comes back, then he'll probably be the smartest one

  9. I would assume that Mycroft

    In one episode, Sherlock and Mycroft “compete” in deduction skills on the cap of one of the clients, where Mycroft wins by assuming that the client has a girlfriend

    The book episode already mentioned in another answer�

    The Halls of reason often don't help him if he doesn't take tonic drugs, while Mycroft, if he's shown any skill in deduction in the entire series, it's in his pure mind (and in general, he's even morally more dependent, if you can say so, because he takes care of his brother, while his brother behaves like a stubborn sheep: 3)

    Addendum: Moriarty is the least intelligent of the three. This is stated in episode 1 of season 3. From there, you can see that while Moriarty thought he was turning everyone around, in reality Sherlock and Mycroft in particular (Sherlock has too much interest in Moriarty as an opponent and this hindered him) were turning him around, but they didn't show it.

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