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  1. In my opinion, the most worthy role model is Jesus Christ. His example is admirable. When you learn about what Jesus did and taught, you want to imitate him in everything.

    The Bible says that Jesus loved people very much, spared no effort for them, so they were easy and comfortable around him. Even small children were drawn to it. He treated people kindly and without prejudice. His words brought comfort and hope to all the sincere people who listened to him. Jesus loved people so much that he was ready to go to torment and even death for them. He said: “There is no greater love than if a man lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15: 13). Later, in accordance with his words, he did so , giving his life for people.

    The Holy Scriptures say of him,” To this you were called, because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that we might walk in his footsteps ” (1 Peter 2:21).

  2. There are a lot of such people. For me, a role model is hardworking, conscientious, honest people who were not led astray by the filthy fog of the 90s. Who have remained true to their beliefs, views, and oaths of office. Unfortunately, those who betrayed all the good things, believed not the unprofitable promises *we will live like in Europe*, *abroad will help us* and other propaganda tricks are much more. It is a pity that many decent people fell for cheap propaganda and paid with their own lives.

  3. Pushkin-in his free manner, write openly and sincerely, with stunning refinement, and tell even the emperor openly what he thought.

    Diana, Princess of Wales – in the fearlessness of mercy and compassion-is an eternal example.

    Dassin Joe – in an open and passionate acceptance of life as a gift, melody and song-as the essence of destiny.

    I answer honestly.

    My parents are also my role models. They lived sincerely, fearlessly and frankly, not betraying each other together for 50 years. They taught us courage that is modest and low-key and love that overcomes everything.

  4. Everything is much simpler. This is my father. He is for me the personification of a real man. Despite the fact that our interests are very different, it was my father who taught me everything that he learned himself. He taught me to be hardworking and responsible. He taught me how to hold a hammer and plant a tree. Be careful and thrifty. But the most important thing is that he is always ready to help with advice and business.

  5. Liam Howlett, composer and founder of The Prodigy.

    I love him for his amazing taste in music. The way he experimented with mixing styles in electronics. And anyway, how did he get up: write a single at the age of 19, which will become the leading one in the underground, and then go beyond it. And it is the album “Music For The Jilted Generation”, written by him (not without the help of other band members, of course) at the age of 23, that I will always consider the best thing I listened to in my life.

  6. As for me, imitating someone is not worth it. After all, each of us is unique in its own way. But if it's such a binge, then let it be David Bowie. To look up to such a person means to be yourself and achieve your goals. Even the ones that seem exorbitant.

  7. Oh, when I was little and lived in Karelia, I had an example as a child. His name was�Lazar Petrovich Sagalovich.
    Fuck, that was the coolest guy ever! Superman on his background is just a girl-down. He was a submariner in his youth, and circumnavigated the world several times. I saw New York through a periscope. Hero of the Soviet Union.
    He was 74 years old at the time, of which he smoked 60 cigarettes. But I've been playing sports all my life. I went up to the 16th floor without an elevator.Знал Knew 5 languages perfectly. Defended his PhD in physics.
    He knew how to do everything, that's really all! He built himself a house in the country, he had an apple orchard with apples with his fist (and his palm was the size of a manhole cover). I made myself a fence with a fancy gate.I fixed the car myself. He made us incredible locomotives with wooden trailers. Cut out a backgammon chess set.
    He knew everything in the world, like a walking Soviet encyclopedia. The guys and I interrogated him once with Atlas – he named all the countries of Africa with their capitals.�
    He was an incredibly honest and decent man.
    Just the personification of a man, as he should be in my understanding.
    All my life, in difficult situations, I remember Lazar Petrovich and imagine what I would have done он.
    рѕ We only called him by his first name. Therefore, I hope I remembered my last name and patronymic correctly, but it doesn't matter.

  8. my friend. A calm, but not indifferent person, interested in literally everything in the world, who knows how to laugh heartily and cheer up noticeably. Without a drop of self-admiration, but causing unconditional respect. Never a snob, with a huge amount of knowledge and skills. In general, I look up to him with all my might)(

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