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  1. I don't know how much one can appreciate the insanity of a sudden trip from St. Petersburg to Moscow by a young girl all alone for one day, but nevertheless… My luck allowed me to dislocate both knees at the end of a day spent in another city in complete isolation from reality, take a ride on the Moscow ambulance, look at Moscow City in the sunset from the window of the 1st city hospital, and also extend the trip for several days. I still have casts on both legs 🙂 And the trip was really fun.

  2. In the middle of a slam at one of the rock festivals, I hit my jaw on a guy's head and chipped off a piece of tooth. A seemingly minor injury did not make life more pleasant – now it is very painful to eat ice cream.

  3. Wanting to amuse his beloved, in response to some of her remarks about the cat, he tried to portray a crazy cat reaction: the moment when a cat creeps up to something, gently touches its paw, and then wildly bounces off in an unnatural position and is carried away into the sunset, furiously rolling its eyes.

    My middle-aged body was not prepared for this, so instead of a technical landing on my shoulder, rolling from the sofa to the floor and running away into the corridor (the plan was born in a split second, my brain is sick, but it works ogogo!), we were all outweighed by the ass, and under the loud crack of the owner's sofa, I landed all my 82 kg

    Everyone was in shock: me, the sofa, the girl. To the traumatologist, I composed the most slightly modified version, they say, I unsuccessfully landed a trick on roller skates (it's worth noting, this is not entirely untrue – I really broke a rib like that in 2001))). The sofa shows no signs of dysfunction, the rib itches under the elastic bandage, but in general everything is cool. Well, yes, we had a great laugh for the first couple of minutes.

  4. At the very beginning of the registration at the dacha, I already drank enough and then everyone realized that you can sit on the roof and watch the sunset, but the stairs were one, successfully climbing it and after 15 minutes deciding to get off, the stairs were far from me and with the words “on%y stairs” I jumped from the roof(the height is slightly less than the second floor), it didn't matter then. The next hungover morning I went to the emergency room and was put in a cast, as it turned out, there was no fracture, but I spent 10 days with it.
    When I remember , it's still funny.

  5. In the middle of my shift at the camp, I cut both my legs with a rope. During one of the tests, I decided to climb a rope without shoes( I don't know what part of my body I thought, probably with my feet). As a result, there are two 2-degree burns on the left leg, a couple of minor ones on the right, a bath shift and waiting for a cradle from parents after the shift ends; (

  6. Fracture of the clavicle and ulnar process. I went for a skateboard ride at one o'clock in the morning on Botany and fell unsuccessfully. When I fell, I heard a crunch and hoped in my heart that it was a skate, and not a collarbone. I was injured on June 7 and to this day (June 28) I go in a cast. July 7 operation to remove the spokes. Summer to hell with it, no outdoor activities

  7. I will also tell you about my adventure, but the exception to it will be what happened all in the winter.
    I have been skiing for about 8.5 years and have never been seriously injured, and this year I wanted to go extreme. I skated very fast and thought that nothing would happen to me.
    And naturally, according to the well-known law, I accelerated very much and made an unsuccessful jump from the mountain. Bottom line: broken knee.
    I woke up for about 30 minutes because of the terrible pain. In these “harsh” moments, I began to understand that no one would help me and I would need to get out myself, but… I couldn't get up.
    For some reason, there were very few people on this day, so I couldn't even shout, and the temperature was also dropping. I'm already starting to shake and the pain is starting to get worse. A snowmobile pulls up to me with a woman on it. I'm trying to explain to the emergency doctor in English, which he didn't know, by the way, that it looks like I have a fracture and it will be problematic to get to the hospital or just go down the mountain.
    And it was decided: we call the helicopter.
    The helicopter was delayed for 40 minutes, and I'm already starting to not feel my legs and arms, and when the helicopter arrives, the same woman I mentioned at the beginning STARTED TAKING A SELFIE WITH the HELICOPTER. It just killed me at that moment.
    And then there was the Austrian hospital, where I found a lot of good friends from different countries. Everything was very smooth and peaceful there.
    PS This is not such a cool story, but it left a certain “imprint” on me and was very impressed.

  8. The case is not so much crazy as stupid. The day before yesterday, I very cheerfully decided to get a beautiful glass to drink water at four in the morning. And the magnificent faceted glasses at home are in a special cabinet, which we touch only during the holidays. When I open the cabinet,I notice that the same beverage container flies out and lands on the kitchen cabinet. The tree, of course, did not soften the fall, and the glass broke, and one of its fragments ricocheted into my hand just below and to the left of my wrist. Blood, protruding meat (sorry) and other lovely things were not spared. As a result, at five-thirty in the morning, I was lying on a couch in the emergency room while a sleepy and disgruntled doctor stitched up my wound. July (and summer in general) will now be remembered by me with an idiotic story about my preferences in choosing dishes and a significant scar on my arm.

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