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  1. You won't like my method. I quit smoking, got cancer, and went to the hospital for chemotherapy Knowing that smoking reduces the effectiveness of chemotherapy and increases its toxicity is a very, very good motivation.

  2. 1 get rid of everything related to smoking.
    2. avoid situations that may provoke the desire to smoke.
    3 enlist the support of your loved ones
    The most important thing is to be determined.
    Ps: if you break down, don't give up.
    Health to all.

  3. There is a hackneyed and perfectly working way to get rid of this bad habit, you will need 2 things::

    1) really want to quit smoking

    2) read a book by Allen Carr.

    I know about the effectiveness of the method not from the Internet, but from personal experience, as well as the experience of several friends. For example, my father smoked for 40 years, but quit after reading a book on my advice. Since then, he regularly remembers this and thanks me every time =)

  4. I quit in 2015 on the same day. I told myself I'd start smoking again when I turned 70 . I'm now 51 . Smoking experience of 10 years. So, in order not to worry, you need to let go of the situation, not be afraid to start again, but set a date. I never even dreamed that I smoked. And now I doubt I'll smoke again. It doesn't work.

  5. I've been smoking since I was 17.When she got married, she continued to smoke,hid from her husband,chewed on all sorts of chewing gum and sweets to kill the smell.Then the husband began to suspect something,once counted the cigarettes in the pack and left…

    Then there was a cross-examination.But I stood firm and didn't admit anything.After this conversation, my soul was filthy,I freaked out, and now, for more than seven years, I'm no-no…

  6. Allen Carr “The easy way to quit smoking” – quit without suffering. Before that, I tried to get rid of the addiction using: pills, patches-unsuccessfully.

  7. Let's start from the moment when I started smoking, with what motives did I start? �if �were the reasons to start then why throw�
    �I'm a smoker for 11 years and you know, the Internet �shot � here's a paste of some of the British �-

    I have a pleasant feeling, that's right. But I'm not a drug addict like you, no.

    After all, all drugs lead to only one goal – a state of altered consciousness. This is a fact. And addiction has nothing to do with it. I'm addicted to food, water, heat, and security. I'm addicted to information, after all. But that doesn't make these things a drug, no.

    Identification should be made with the cause, but not with the effect. Any drug, whether it is a powder made from mysterious leaves from tropical islands, or the result of heating drugs bought in a pharmacy in the right proportion and brewed in the right sequence by a dirty and half-dead person – the reason will always be the same.

    A state of altered consciousness is what happens when you switch the precise and well-functioning structure of billions of cells, with their networks of axons and dendrites, synaptic channels through which the simplest molecules and atoms of substances pass, and even electrical signals. Any electroencephalogram will clearly show this. But back to the point.

    This is my choice. He is conscious. I really know about the possible harm that nicotine dissolved in resins will bring me. But it just so happens that a person will never harm himself. “How so?” you ask?

    The answer is simple – relativity. Did the tourist who sawed off his hand with a Swiss Army knife harm himself?

    Perhaps in relation to his body, he was. But he was only alive because of this step. In no way do I want to compare tobacco smoke to a vital decision.

    I am ready to make this sacrifice for my mental health, which, at this moment, is more important than my physical health.

    If you want to call it a weakness , it's up to you.

    A man without weaknesses and not a man at all.

    But, nevertheless, smoking remains my freedom, my right. And, as long as it does not interfere with your freedom , there is no point in eradicating it. Don't you like tobacco smoke? I won't smoke around you. But if different ignoramuses smoke around non-smokers, putting their health in danger, without their consent-this is not a reason to eradicate tobacco smoking.

    You might as well oppose driving because some people hit pedestrians.

    Don't you like the smell? No problem, to the great joy we have the right to smell the way we like. Pouring tons of perfume on your body, you use this right, and while my health is not in danger – I have to keep silent.

    Please don't think too generically, really. Hating smoking just because it doesn't do you any good is ridiculous. It brings me money, and I know what I pay for it. Once you divide the world into black and white, you stop thinking.�

    here, the very article “after which “I decided for myself � that I will smoke, and the author just beautifully described everything I want to say about smoking.If the ” author of the question “does not feel “feelings “and gets high from cigarettes, so” put the question straight and make a choice, be strong.
    If you don't like it – drop it, � more motivation, �or �go to the store for cigarettes faster before it closes 🙂

  8. My method is not particularly suitable for men, but nevertheless. There were a lot of throwing attempts, but I probably didn't try hypnosis. And I've tried Carr's books, plasters, gradual reduction, Brizanthine pills, and many other things more than once. It didn't last longer than three days. Quit after a long 10 years of smoking with the help of… pregnancy. When I found out about the child, I was immediately afraid of the consequences and abruptly left. There was no physical withdrawal. Psychologically, I was drawn, but there was an incentive not to start again. Here it turns out that motivation was needed. Want to quit, but can't? You can. You just don't want enough.

    How do I apply this method? Find your motivation. Everyone has their own strategy. I wish you great luck and good health!

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