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  1. As the philosopher Hegel once remarked, “The world is ruled by beliefs,” and then added, ” And beliefs are ruled by philosophers.” The second part of this statement clearly needs to be clarified today. Today, as always, mass beliefs rule the world, as well as sometimes personal values and prejudices of people who find themselves in key roles in society. But today's beliefs and stereotypes are more likely to be ruled by people with media power.

  2. The world is ruled by the most powerful peoples and nations. For example, the world is ruled by the American nation, the Russian people and the Russian nation, the Chinese nation, partly the German and French nations, the Indian nation, and so on.

    In short, history is made by the masses, not by individuals or organizations. Sometimes it seems that everything depends on individual people. But this is only an illusion. In the end, leaders have to listen to the majority opinion. Even if a politician manages to lead the popular impulse, he has to follow the path drawn by the masses of the people.

    For example, it was not Vladimir Ulyanov Lenin who initiated the revolution. The revolution was based on the expression of the will of the masses of the people: workers and peasants. Lenin only put forward slogans that were well received by the people. People wanted land, factories, and freedom.

    This does not detract from the role of leaders in history. Of course, a lot depends on the leaders. For example, the USSR collapsed only because weak leaders were in power. On the other hand, the people wanted change and achieved it. Another thing – at what price?

    I was glad to help you! It is possible that I was wrong about something or left something unsaid. If you have any additions or comments, please feel free to include them in the comments.

  3. THE WORLD is ruled by an IDEA-initially, it is the ability of primates to climb down from a tree and take a club to solve an ACTION that has arisen…and with the development of humanity, IDEAS and ACTIONS have been improved, which can lead to the creation of artificial intelligence that will rule the WORLD.

  4. Money, I think. Personally, I don't like it, but it's a fact. In our country, any crime is laundered for money. Corruption supported by the same money is ineradicable. It's a pity, but it seems that there is no future in our country.

  5. Money rules the world. It can be argued that rich people have them and, accordingly, they are the so-called rulers. But what if not money encourages people to do the things that make up our lives?

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