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  1. A man of great voice-but extreme self-conceit and a selfish life position.
    In the seventy-fourth year, Rotaru receives the award for “chervona ruta”,”Pesnyary”-for”Belarus”,and Kobzon-for ” and Lenin is so young…”
    When the Party reigned in the country, he sang for the Party.When the bandits ruled, I sang to the bandits.And in the end, he even got into power.And self-conceit (and insanity,maybe a little) did not allow us to see that quirks like 8-hour concerts or an episode with hospitals are,in fact, quirks.
    All this in his old age seriously damaged his reputation-Although the singer was quite himself.
    And the quote in the conclusion:

    Iosif Kobzon is such an old grandfather like Frank Sinatra, who on his way home from work, from the state Duma, likes to stop by some club in the center, climb on stage there and start singing without any accompaniment. and everyone has to endure it, and for a long time, because Kobzon can sing indefinitely. on his sixtieth birthday, he decided to sing sixty songs in one concert. when there were only about twenty people left in the hall and the subway closed, he decided to sing at least one verse from each song — but still did not finish. Iosif Kobzon left the stage twenty times, a memorial plaque “Iosif Kobzon sang here” hangs in the lobby of the Rossiya hall, and one of the dressing rooms of this hall is permanently assigned to him — a gold sign “Iosif Davydovich Kobzon”hangs on it. at the same time, in a creative sense, Iosif Kobzon has absolutely no interest since he stopped singing Oscar Strok's tango.

  2. A Soviet man with vestiges of national Jewish pride (he did not change his “discordant” name, although it was strongly suggested that he sing in Yiddish at a time when it was considered almost seditious). Generous in relation to subordinates (see Podhorodetsky's memoirs), ready to help fellow workers and just people in need. A good, fit performer who constantly expanded his repertoire, from patriotic songs to romances, from pop songs to lyrics. Non-critical in terms of information consumption and evaluation.

    In short, if they told a joke about Zykina “You don't sing, you just go back and forth,” Kobzon should have been asked to sing more often, not go anywhere, and not talk at all without notes.

  3. Nobody to me. Oh, no, I understand that he is an honored artist, performer and so on and so forth.

    But �and what exactly? I never liked his work. As a person, I naturally don't know him, but as a creator, I'm not interested in him.

    First of all, it turns out that for me he was always just a guy in a wig who sticks out on stage more than I've lived in the world for years.

    My first reaction was to die-no way!
    Just because. that he was already beginning to seem immortal to me, no matter how blasphemous that might sound.

  4. Died what? He was nothing, just another member of the decayed ruling elite, hypocritical, with a claim to some cultural significance, a sycophant.

  5. “And another gishtoriya-also connected with Kobzon, but not about him. The woman to whom he secured a free exit from the captured”Nord-Ost” is Lyubov Kornilov. When he went to see Barayev, he arranged for him to release Kornilova and her children. So, she took two of her daughters – and another strange girl named Dasha-and just passed her off as her own. Lyubov Kornilova is simply an epic force-a heroine, definitely. Well, and Kobzon eagle. He had a lot of things in his life, including bad things, but there he was definitely an eagle. ” © Evgeny Norin

  6. I remember my father's favorite saying from childhood:”If you don't stop a running bison, you can't stop a singing Kobzon.” When I saw the news about the fact that he died, the first soap was: wow, they finally stopped!

  7. I personally was never interested in him – I knew him as the owner of a talent for singing patriotic songs with his mouth. All my life I've been bending and crawling under the government like a corrupt girl, voting for the law of scoundrels, and I've been going to Germany for medical treatment. He wrote a petition when he was not allowed to go there because of sanctions. He wanted to live longer. And he himself took away the chance for childhood (and for some, for life) from hundreds of Russian children, was an ambassador of the “Donbass” and an adept of the “Russian world”, a Crimean fascist – this is how I personally remember him. He was a nasty guy who took care of his own skin first.


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