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    1. I have an obsessive fear of having my throat cut, which is activated by stress. Very such, sensational, I want to block my throat. First appeared as a teenager. In principle, I have several options for a reasonable explanation, but they are all somewhat shaky.

    2. There is a half-joking theory that in a previous life I was the wife of a famous writer: she died on my birthday, and his books seemed very familiar and recognizable to me long before I knew about it.�

    3. Periodically (but quite rarely), when I meet new people, I “get to know”them. Immediately there is a strong “this is my friend” / “I know you” feeling, some behaviors seem familiar, although in fact they are not familiar to me. Moreover, this feeling is well distinguishable from the spectrum of “normal” feelings from new people, which is about like-dislike. As a rule, I have really good contact with these people and easily develop a close trusting distance (although the relationship can then deteriorate, including very completely, for a bunch of quite banal reasons), and everything happens very mutually.

    In principle, I can find several reasonable explanations for this phenomenon, although I can't verify how they work.

    Yes, my partner and current closest person is not one of those people. I'm pretty sure we've never met before.

    1. Since my early childhood, I feel quite old and sophisticated, which is very funny at odds with reality. Of course, now it's easier, I feel very happy that I'm finally an adult and all this annoying burden with childhood and adolescence is over. In general, all new life experience easily beats on “not at all familiar” and “quite familiar”. For example, smoking-yes (now I don't smoke, I don't plan to, and I don't have any sentimentality about this habit). Menstruation – not at all, for several years I could not get used to them and accept them emotionally (this does not agree with the theory about the writer's wife, but this may have quite reasonable explanations that are not related to any mysticism there).�

    I have no reasonable explanation for this feeling, nothing in my childhood prepared me for an authoritative position and did not indicate that adult life is something good.

  1. There was a period when I thought that in my previous life I drowned myself as a child. I don't know how much of this is true, and we'll never know.�

    I would like to believe that reincarnation exists, which gives me hope that death is not the end, but just a transition between worlds.

  2. It's easy to say that there is no evidence, you don't have to believe, it's not scientific… Sometimes you try to erase your memory in order not to think about it, to be “normal”, “adequate”. But such a deep memory is not erased. You just live with her.

    I have many friends who remember their past lives. Ordinary guys. It's just not customary to talk about it, and they don't advertise it. And among your friends there are probably such. They just don't say anything. Well, some people prefer to think that this is a dream or some kind of fantasy. It's easier this way, and there's nothing wrong with that either. Moreover, the memory of reincarnations does not always work through clear images (like memories from childhood, for example). It can manifest itself as an incomprehensible strong craving for a particular country or a certain period of history.

    For example, I do not have “pictures”, my memory works through very vivid sensations of what was BEFORE birth. Therefore, it is quite difficult to describe it.

  3. I am skeptical about all this.�
    But sometimes there is a feeling and in dreams something so vague was. Like a lot of dark rooms very hot and no energy but still I do something.�
    Maybe in a previous life I was a miner ))

  4. In my previous life, I think I was a Bullfinch.I am drawn to them for something and sometimes I have strange dreams with their participation.
    Personally, I think I died of hunger and cold.An emaciated, small, fragile bird dies in the middle of a winter road in front of people.No one helped me,and the gray eyes were all on me..

  5. I was either a convict or a prisoner, that's
    for sure, for me all these stages, camps,
    transfers,I,when I see all this in the movies
    ,I don't know what I'm happy about,
    and also,if I see prisoners, they
    are purely in my soul here…
    And when I see you, I feel so warm
    and calm,I just can't figure out how.

  6. 1) I was probably a boy in a previous life, as I easily find common interests with boys and have similar habits.

    2) I am constantly, endlessly drawn to the sky, maybe I was a bird, an owl or an owl.

    3) I am interested in medicine, Latin, all these names. Maybe I was a doctor.

    4) I am drawn to the dark, I see the world as if inside out, sadness is joy, anger is love, maybe I was just a shadow, someone's-someone's shadow, who saw someone's life.

    5) I hear thoughts in my prophetic dreams. I see the intentions, feel the attitude towards me.

  7. I doubt it. But there is something inexplicable.�

    1. There are visions from the time of primitive people, as if the action takes place in a cave and so on.

    2. At the mention of the Second World War, a strange melancholy attacks and insanely pulls to Western Europe.

  8. Childhood feelings from the memory that I lead a squad,that I make decisions, command.Whether I'm going for a walk or my parents sent me to the store,I'm mentally replaying the situation like a game..

    Also from childhood during the dance whirling, and just whirling some kind of euphoric, once it led to an injury, cut my eyebrow, not keeping my balance.

    Dreams are vivid and storylined.Interest in who the ancestors were,in photos.

    Regressive hypnosis by the Moody method (recorded a session of self-hypnosis)I was able to trace many incarnations.Understand what lessons I am practicing, and even the closest people in the family who were to me before and what problems were not solved.

    The religion was different, the races were different,the experience was extensive, most often by a man, and with the exception of one incarnation,where there was a heart attack in the elderly, usually violent death.By the way, since my youth, I often joked that I would definitely not die by my own death.

    In this birth, sometimes it turned out that diseases coincide with fatal injuries precisely by age from the past.

    Meeting a person from the past was very unusual and painful,but the person came into my life, became a member of my family.There was a hard pull on his part,any breakup in the first year did not hit me like a child.

    India.Since childhood, a craving, a dream that seemed impossible.Visited and released.In due time, you can see that you got it right.

    I have no doubt about rebirths.Phrases in unfamiliar and familiar languages popped up ,as well as the names of both my own and important people from the past.

    Example:rich house in Europe, maybe Germany, not sure, a young 25-year-old man Martin von Albert from childhood loves a girl from a family of kitchen workers.She is Olga, an actress, a young adventurous girl goes to try her luck in America.He, my incarnation follows her, abandoning his family, searches and finds, tries to return, convinces that cabaret is not a theater, that he will pay the penalty, there is a third person.And the other corny out of jealousy kills Martin, who is wounded in the chest and dies in the arms of the one he loved.The last words are “mein lieben”…and as sad as it is to know that she didn't love so much,she just accepted the love.

    In this life, the two met,but the one who was Olga again left her native land,but now to where fate brought her to Martin.

    I know for a fact that it's not scary to die,but it's scary if it hurts.

    As you get to know yourself, you learn to love and not judge others.And I appreciate my dreams,there is no past, but a more valuable experience when you get into someone else's parallel life, a fragment of the history of another life.It seems to me that the oversoul can gain experience and nourishment from different layers of the pie of parallel(right-left) and past-future(forward-backward) realities.Hence deja vu.

  9. Quite often there are such feelings.I'm literally drawn to the past.There aren't many of my peers who listen to the Beatles and the like,I really like it,I don't understand why. My feelings are especially pronounced at the sight of snow.One day I heard a Christmas song, it had a sense of foreign folklore.And for some reason I immediately, (although I didn't even want to think about it)I imagined a small wooden house, snow falling outside the window, waiting for Christmas, because something told me that I was not in Russia, but as if in some provincial village,as if it was 120-160 years ago.As if I have a younger brother, not a sister, but a brother…with blonde hair….And as for dreams, I often dream that I'm running through some snow-covered field,I don't even know where…just running)

    I also thought of some streets and blocks,but the weather was nice and sunny and I was clearly in a different place.A 60s feel, Rock ' n ' roll and all that stuff…It's like I'm crossing a road…

  10. I don't know where it came from. But I clearly remember myself with a spear. I hid behind a hill of grass and hunted a mammoth! Then I ate it in a cave somewhere. But I already knew how to make fire. And you won't believe it. Now I really like to eat (at least a little) raw meat, fillet for example. And when I buy a fillet and make something out of it, I'll make sure to cut myself a slice or two. Anedavno I tried to dip this piece in salt and it was even tastier!! And I think that all proves that I was a caveman.

  11. I tried regressive meditation.

    And I found out that in my previous life I was the son of an emperor of the Chinese dynasty. I could even hear my own name clearly, but I'd forgotten it. And I have always been drawn to Egyptian mythology since childhood….. and it turned out that one of my lives was connected with Egypt. I was a little Egyptian boy who sold animal skins….. well, I think I died from being chewed by dogs….because I'm still afraid of dogs for no reason.

  12. There is a relatively simple way to try to look at your past lives – this is regressive hypnosis. To date, there are several areas of regressive hypnosis from strictly scientific medical to completely magical, esoteric. The idea is that in a state of hypnosis, memory is activated and the hypnologist sends the client to childhood (for example, to find a traumatic event), but sometimes the client skips the moment of birth and begins to remember the past life. Right here https://hypno3.ru / article004 interesting article about a skeptical scientist who has visited several past lives at once.

  13. More than once I had a vision of how I was a little girl. Century commercials 19. Was 12-13 years old somewhere.
    The first vision was that I was drowning with a girl, a man was saving me, probably my father.
    The second vision,as I ran to the same man in the arms.
    The third vision,as I ran into the arms of a woman, she was in a red dress,it was already possible's mother. And we lived richly at home and even in clothing.
    Such visions were at the age of 23,and they were not dreams,but just suddenly pictures surfaced before my eyes. I even wondered if I was crazy. 😀😀😀I just know that people usually dream about their past, but that's not the way it feels when you're doing something.

    And the most amazing thing is that since childhood I have been afraid of the depth of water,this phobia suddenly appeared. Although I can swim, but only horizontally.

  14. All �life – overcoming �difficulties �dream �bright �dreams �very �love �animals �see �yourself �rider. �Very �love �mountains, �to �sea �indifferent. The sky beckons, although I am afraid of heights. I love traveling.

  15. Recently, by the way, a friend and I talked about the fact that a person is reborn. Scientists took measurements and put a person about to die on the scale. When he died, he “lost weight” by 1.35 g (if I'm not mistaken)�

    Therefore, there is something in us-the soul, the ego, I prefer to call it energy

    And it does not disappear anywhere, I believe that it is then that rebirth occurs�

    As a child, I had a great attraction to London(my parents didn't say a word about it to me), I pasted all my walls with my own drawings of London(like a psycho child from a movie), well, in the end I went there)

    Then I have a craving for the Romanov family, or rather for Nicholas II, the ruler of him is certainly terrible, but it seems to me that I know him personally ( this can not be hehe)

    Well, sometimes you walk down the street and see a person as if you know, but in fact you don't(this is strange)

  16. Last summer, a friend and I found out that we had already crossed paths in a previous life. She lived on the border of the 15th and 16th centuries and was a Buddhist woman. I was her grandson, lived in the 16th century. Actually, that's all we could find out. From then on, I started calling my friend “Buddhist grandma.”

  17. Do we have a soul? Is it capable of rebirth? Or is it just a spiritual part of our body that disappears after our life?

    There is no clear answer to these questions , but I prefer to believe that the soul is reborn with some kind of burden of emotions, images and memories.

    Perhaps dreams that carry real sensations of pain, cold, heat, tastes, etc. And there is the memory of a past life, which carries longing or guilt for the committed act. And after you wake up, you remember and for some reason you walk around as if lowered into water, although you understand in your mind that this is just a dream, but not in your heart.�

    And what can you say about when you walk, talk with friends and there is some sense of its antiquity, as if long tired of living and just want to disappear and relax.

    The same can be said when you are drawn to the past, as if somewhere out there in many centuries there were close people and a long-familiar life.

    Maybe this is just my perception of the world and imagination, and if this is not so and I once lived there? Still, I prefer to believe in my past life,especially when the first time I met my best friend, I felt as if I had found the most precious person in the world again, and I wanted to laugh with joy, and after many years I was convinced that we were so similar, but at the same time different.

  18. Lived in New York in the ' 70s, knew Andy Warhol, died of an overdose at Studio 54, or AIDS, I don't remember exactly.) But Studio 54 was in a previous life for sure

  19. The feeling that I was a man who lived in Eastern Europe and died in a concentration camp. I shudder when people talk about World War II and genocide.

  20. At work, I went to Google Maps, opened Manchester, and some memories, pictures, and plots began to appear in my memory at breakneck speed. I started to look in more detail, and with each passing minute it seemed that I was already here. I know these places. Strange feeling

  21. I don't really believe in it at all, but if reincarnation exists, then either I'm living for the first time, or I've lived off-Earth before. I don't understand this world. I don't want to be here, but not in the sense of leaving for another city/country, but in the sense of leaving it all altogether (I explain it poorly, but if someone also felt it, they will understand). A constant feeling – everything, I understand, I don't like it, and now that's enough, take me away. People are strangers. The world is scary. It's different, but not here. In fact, it seems that some friends of mine “not from here” decided to make fun of me, put me in this strange place, and any minute they will come out, say that it was all a prank, and now we are going home, and everything will be fine again 😂

  22. I think I was in a war somewhere, or in some battle before I died in a previous life. I may not have been killed in the traditional way, but strangled. I hate it when foreign objects, including my own hair, touch my neck like they're strangling me.

    I think in the days of my previous life, there was no technology and people rode horses.�

    Somehow it feels like this.

  23. Trafficked in illegal chemicals in the 1970s,USA, was shot in the back.He was also a father who killed the mother of his children. I was also a Catholic priest, an African who lived in Jaffa and loved a European woman from a rich family,and my best friend chopped off my legs and fed them to his dogs. Dreams are a source of this dubiously valuable information.

  24. I think I'm quite “new” here, but sometimes I thought that I caught the war. because “until now” I'm afraid of flying planes, I'm still waiting for bombing, I'm afraid of fireworks-explosions, “fire”; as a child, I didn't look at/read anything so close to the war, but dreams about the “theme” sometimes happen. In general, I don't like to think or talk about it.
    so who knows, maybe there was a “sad experience of a past life”

  25. Not infrequently in a dream I see an airship falling at an angle due to a cracking frame, while I hold something heavy in my hands. If I believed that dreams are a regression to past lives, I would assume that I was either the one who caused the crash for some reason, or the one who unsuccessfully repaired the airship.

  26. I am a Russian girl with distant Jewish roots (my great-grandmother was Jewish), but for some reason I am constantly trying to say that I am a Jew. A registered Jew, not a Jew. And until I was 15 years old, I constantly dreamed of streets separated by canals, walked along embankments in my sleep… What was my surprise when I got to St. Petersburg and was able to watch my dreams live. I was in this city for the first time, but I was no worse than the locals, I went for a walk alone wherever my eyes looked, got off at the stations I liked, and I had no problems finding my way back without maps and phones, despite the fact that in Kazan I get confused corny at the exits from the metro station, although I have lived here for 2 years.

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