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  1. As a rule, this is affected by a decrease in brain activity. What is the cause, it is difficult to say unequivocally, but there are several factors that definitely negatively affect the work of the brain. For example, chronic lack of sleep. In addition to the fact that it leads to a number of diseases of the body, it also affects the brain: memory problems begin and it becomes difficult to concentrate. Another factor is stress. To help the brain cope with a stressful situation, you should include physical activity, yoga classes, and breathing practices. You can start with a simple walk in the park. Exercise provides oxygen to the brain, which has a positive effect on its functioning.

    A decrease in brain activity can occur if you don't drink enough water. Tea and coffee do not count — these liquids remove water from the body. It is best to drink warm, clean water. Don't forget to train your brain! Learning new things, hobbies, or regular cognitive training will help you not activate, save, and multiply your brain resources.

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