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  1. Here is a New Year's quiz-a test dedicated to a whole series of questions on the topic “why”, “who” and even “when”.

    Link to the quiz. It's free. Answers to questions raise your mood and fill your head with knowledge.

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    Do you want even more New Year's mood, even more happiness? Read this short story.

  2. I, of course, apologize for not being substantive, but it seems to me that it is no longer important why and who )) A person needs moments when it is necessary to explode, breathe freshness from the explosion of emotions, be filled with positive energy from others, forget about impending problems, raise the mood from pleasant troubles and received gifts. And such a wonderful holiday as the New Year, probably specially created to make people feel exactly what they are! Happy New Year!

  3. “New Year” appeared after the calendar, which has existed for about 5 thousand years. In the simplest calendar, there are 4 reference dates associated with the Sun: 2 equinoxes and 2 solstices. Of course, these significant events could not but be accompanied by all sorts of celebrations.

    The exact date of the NG celebration depends on the religion of the particular territory and its calendar.

    The beginning of the year on January 1 was established by the Roman ruler Julius Caesar in 46 BC. In Ancient Rome, this day was dedicated toTo Janus, the god of choice, doors, and all beginnings. The month of January was named after the god Janus, who was depicted with two faces: one looking forward and the other looking back.

  4. They originally came up with the idea of celebrating the winter solstice.

    This is a really fun day. I always enjoy it. On this day, the night stops growing, the day begins to grow. More light, more warmth, the way to spring.

    About the date here:

    Why is the New Year celebrated not on the same day as Christmas, because the chronology is conducted from the birth of Jesus?

    There's also the astronomical meaning of the new year.

    More here:

    How long have people been celebrating the New Year, given its earliest counterparts?

    And about astronomy in connection with spring and autumn here:�

    Why does Facebook show that today is the first day of spring on March 19, is this a bug, or is there some explanation?

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