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  1. In order to understand the reason for this question, it is necessary to trace the history of demonization that the Jewish nation has been subjected to throughout the Christian history of mankind.

    First of all, the formula “the Jews killed Christ” gives rise to the idea of the coming of the Antichrist from the Jewish people: “The Antichrist is being popularized among the Jewish people <…> At the moment of his conception, the devil will enter the mother's womb, thanks to the devil's charms, he will be nourished in the mother's womb, and the power of the devil will always be with him.”. The enemy is demonized and assigned satanic attributes. Umberto Eco gives examples of describing the corresponding image of a typical Jew, emphasizing that this is a common thread in various genre texts, “whether we are talking about popular anti-Semitism, theological or bourgeois anti–Semitism of the XIX-XX centuries.”

    For example, the anti-Semitic folk art of Germany used such medieval motifs and cliches as the “Eternal Jew”, the desecrator of the wafer, the poisoner of wells, the source of infection, the ritual killer, the vile moneylender, the swindler, etc. Eco, in particular, notes that the genealogy of the image of a Jew who kills children and drinks their blood goes back to the text of the Byzantine author Michael Psellus “On the works of demons”, which was used to create the image of a heretic as an enemy of Christianity and appeared at least three centuries before the ” Canterbury tales of D. Chaucer.

    The philosophical basis of anti-Semitism can be considered the works of I. Kant and I. G. Fichte. In Religion within Reason Alone, I. Kant denies Jews any eschatology or religious faith in general: “… since no religion is possible without faith in the Hereafter, Judaism as such, taken in its purest form, by no means contained any religious faith.” In his” Anthropology ” and. Kant also gives an unflattering description of this people: “The Palestinians who live among us, because of their usurious tendencies, since the time of their exile, as far as the majority of them are concerned, have not without reason enjoyed the reputation of deceivers.” V. Baykel explains the frequent accusation of Jews in the pursuit of easy profit by the fact that historically “Jewry was excluded from “noble” professions, was not allowed in Christian workshops and guilds, and was loyalty to classes: i.e. live by trade and usury.”

    This kind of anti-Judaism has for many centuries caused isolation, discrimination and persecution of Jewish minorities in many regions of Europe. Only the gradual recognition of universal human rights in the age of Enlightenment led to the fact that the equality of all citizens of the nation-state began to be declared as a political goal. This was especially true for Jews who had been deprived of legal, social and political privileges until then, and could potentially lead to the destruction of the social isolation of this people.

    Unfortunately, approaches to ensuring the equal rights of all citizens, including Jews, in the developing European nation-states were different. This concept was met with considerable opposition, and often ― especially in relation to Jews-failed. Concepts and projects of integration ranged from “tolerance” and “civil correction” to “equality” and “emancipation” due to enlightened tolerance of non-believers, both individuals and groups.

    In 1793, J. G. Fichte argued that the German people needed “protection” from the Jews: “To protect themselves from them, I see only one way: to conquer their promised land for them and send them all there,” Fichte wrote in the third chapter of his first significant work on the French Revolution . His efforts were not in vain. Less than a decade later, skeptics and opponents of emancipation everywhere began to demand the eviction of all European Jews overseas or on the territory of historical Israel (Eretz Yisrael). Europeans who were hostile to Jews, such as Hartwig von Hundt-Radowski, demanded the creation of labor camps and the introduction of forced sterilization for all Jews. Fichte's metaphorical style, which Karl Marx seems to have learned in his time, makes an impression: in the same work, Fichte considers the emancipation of Jews to be a hopeless matter:” … it is possible to grant them [Jews] civil rights only on one condition: in one night to cut off all their heads and put another one in which there will not be a single Jewish idea.” Lev (Leon) Polyakov, a contemporary researcher of anti-Semitism, believed that Fichte ” was based mainly on the idea of a social contract and defended the right of the French to change the constitution. This led him to defend the right of citizens of a particular country to secede, which gave him an excuse to oppose the “state within a state”, which, in his opinion, was formed by Jews. ”

    In 1842, the religious philosopher Bruno Bauer published an essay in the German Yearbook of Science and Art entitled “The Jewish Question”, which was reprinted in 1843 as a separate pamphlet. Curiously, the essay was originally called ” Die Juden-Frage “(“The Question about the Jews”), and then the hyphen disappeared (“Die Judenfrage”,”The Jewish Question”). In his work, B. Bauer tried to argue that Jews as a group cannot be “improved” (by legal equalization for integration purposes), since even enlightened Jews adhere to their traditional religious claims to be the chosen nation. Therefore, they will still allegedly strive for absolute power, which, ultimately, will lead to a war of the Jews against humanity. However, some Jews could integrate into civil society, but only by renouncing their Jewishness in favor of the “universal human race”, which for Bauer actually meant “in favor of Christianity” (this clarification is found in his later work “The Ability of Modern Jews and Christians to emancipate”).

    The answer to these works of Bauer was an essay by 26-year-old Karl Marx “On the Jewish Question”, published in 1844. K. Marx, who had Jewish ancestors, did not belong to either the Jewish or Christian faith, adhering to the principles of the philosophy of materialism. As a “solution” to the problem, he saw the abolition of the secular barriers of bourgeois society, along with which limited religious points of view would disappear. The equality of rights of Jews was in itself an example of the imperfection of the so-called Jewish state. “political emancipation”, which reduced the concept of a person to a selfish independent individual, on the one hand, and to the moral personality of a citizen, on the other. Instead of political emancipation, it requires “human” emancipation, where a person would recognize and organize his abilities as a member of society.

    Marx has been accused and continues to be accused of anti-Semitism, although in fact in his essay he demands legal equality for Jews, pointing out that in a modern political state, unlike a Christian state, questions of religion should remain a personal matter for everyone: “A person is politically emancipated from religion by expelling it from the sphere of public law and transferring it to the sphere of private law.” Perhaps the charges still had some basis. The fact is that in the second part of the treatise, Marx attempts to destroy Bauer's theological argument regarding the solution of the Jewish question. Exploring the worldly basis of Jewry, Marx comes to the conclusion that this is “practical need, self-interest.” Whether these responses are based on interpretations of Bauer's texts, Marx's own views, or other sources is not known for certain. Indeed, in reinterpreting the concept of “Jewishness”, Marx mentions the popular prejudices about Jews at that time, but only to show that “petty speculation” (Schacher) is also at the heart of Christianity. He concludes that the social emancipation of both Christians and Jews implies the liberation of society from the power of money. In his later works, as he studied the economy of bourgeois society more deeply, Marx somewhat corrected his earlier point of view, stopping direct attacks on religion, since he foresaw its gradual disappearance as a result of the revolution in the relations of production. After 1844 (in posthumously published philosophical and economic manuscripts), the criticism of the power of money that he practiced in an essay on the “Jewish question” is also softened by a deeper understanding of the workings of the entire capitalist system.

    From about 1860, opponents of the Jews began to use the term “Jewish question” in the context of nationalist ideology to describe the Jewish minority and Jewishness (i.e., a set of traits and qualities supposedly characteristic of Jews). as obstacles to the development of society. Since 1873, this phrase has become a well-established expression of contemporary anti-Semitism in the German Empire, which fundamentally denied Jews the ability to integrate and assimilate, attributing to them the desire for world domination (“world Jewry”).

    What was the basis for such statements? To answer this question, let's turn to sources in Judaism itself. M. Mozheyko points out that in the canonical text of the prayer “Aleinu Leshabeach” there is a thesis about the God-chosen Jewish people: “For He did not make us like the peoples of the world, did not allow us to be like the tribes of the earth. He has not given us their lot or the same fate as all their hordes. For they worship emptiness and vanity, and pray to deities who do not save; but we bow our knees and prostrate ourselves, and give thanks to the King of Kings, the Holy Creator, blessed be He.” In addition, the text “Aleinu Leshabeach” is considered “proof” of the Jews ' contempt for other nations and religions. For example, the well-known theorist of anti-Semitism I. A. Eisenmenger described the custom of spitting when uttering the words “emptiness and vanity”, seeing in this an expression of contempt for Christianity. This custom has indeed existed since ancient times and is still preserved in many communities (for example, in Lubavitcher Hasidism). This is explained by the fact that Jews do not want to use the saliva formed in their mouths when uttering words about idolatry. There is a well-known Yiddish proverb ” kumen tsum oishpaen “(“to come to the spittle”), meaning something like “appeared — not dusty”, that is, to come to the synagogue at the very end of the final service of prayer. Kant also makes accusations similar to those made by Eisenmenger: “…Judaism <…> refused the entire human race to communicate, considering itself a special people — the chosen one of Jehovah, a people who hated all other peoples and therefore was hated by each of them.”

    It is also believed that the canon of Judaism contains a thesis about the “correction of the world” and the special role of Jews in this process. The second part of the prayer” Aleinu Leshabeach “reads:” We hope to see soon the splendor of Your power, which will sweep away the idols from the face of the earth and destroy the idols. So that the world may be corrected under the authority of God.” The ” correction of the world “(tikkun olam) is described in more detail in the main Kabbalistic work Zohar (Zohar) . The world is inharmonious as a result of the catastrophe preceding the creation of the world (the so-called shvirat ha-Kelim, “breaking of vessels”). The main performer of correction is the Messiah, and the main instrument is the divine light, which flows from the remaining whole Sefirot. They contribute to the formation of five cosmic personalities with self-consciousness (partzufim). After the formation of a new, higher spiritual world (Adam Kadmon), tikkun is mostly completed, but some final actions are left to be performed by a person.

    Indeed, an important role in the Tikkun process is played by the history of the Jewish people, who, having dispersed, will be gathered again, and the forces of evil (Qlipot) will be deprived of the Light they captured. But still, the main means of performing tikkun by a person is not to try to influence non-believers, but to join holiness through Torah and prayer. Each act of a person affects the internal structure of the worlds, and this influence is all the more significant the more consciously a person acts.

    M. Mozheyko believes that the reverse side of the thesis about the special role of the Jewish people in the Tikkun process “is anti-Semitism, which is axiologically alternative, but functionally actually isomorphic to it (according to B. Shaw, if the Nazis had realized how Jewish their claims to Aryan superiority sound, they would have abandoned them)” . Within the framework of Judaism, however, there are teachings that interpret the thesis of the God-chosen nation in a less radical way. For example, the reconstructionism of Rabbi M. Kaplan completely rejects this thesis as “leading to racism”, and the proclamationism of Rabbi L. Kaplan completely rejects this thesis as “leading to racism”. Jacoba interprets being chosen as a commission to proclaim to mankind the doctrine of the one God. Also, despite the fact that Judaism is a national religion, certain exceptions are recorded in the holy books: “the righteous among the nations of the world have a share in the world to come.”

    National Socialism promoted, on the model of the German People's Party (Deutschvölkische Partei), the “final solution of the Jewish question”, and since 1941 this expression has masked and justified the Holocaust. However, in the context of their own emancipation efforts, the Jews themselves also used the term “Jewish question” (hashela hayhudit) to emphasize the fact that they welcome their integration and assimilation into the new European nation-states. In their polemics with anti-Semites, Jewish representatives of Zionism used these words to refer to Jewish national identity, which necessarily justified the desire to create a “Jewish state”. In 1893, Nathan Birnbaum published The National Revival of the Jewish People in His Country as a Means of Solving the Jewish Question. Theodor Herzl, who later became President of the World Zionist Congress, suggested that this term should be understood as a “national question” and from 1896, as a solution to this, he put forward the idea of creating a separate state for Jews. However, perhaps to remove unnecessary connotations, on May 14, 1948, the State of Israel was founded not for the purpose of” solving the Jewish question”, but for the purpose of”solving the problem of the Jewish people deprived of their homeland”.

    “Since ancient times, the enemy is first of all Another, an outsider. His appearance does not meet our criteria for beauty, and if he has other culinary tastes, we do not like the smell of his food, ” writes Umberto Eco . As history shows, the archetype “Enemy” can be personalized in any person in his “otherness”, in any stratum and in any nation. The “Jewish question” can be raised at any time, no matter how it is renamed. It can become an “American question,” a “Ukrainian question,” or a ” liberal question.” The bottom line is that the image of the enemy embodies the unconscious and subconscious fears of a person, it is convenient to project their own shortcomings on it, and the authorities have learned to use the image of the enemy to distract society from the problems caused by the inefficiency of the government itself.

  2. First, not all nations, but Christian ones. Historically, this is the case… In the beginning, it was treated like any other gentile – the lost ones, who should be enlightened. But over time, it turned out that synagogue Jews are a very closed people who never perceive foreigners as equals. The chosen people, all things considered… in other respects, this is still half the trouble – it also turned out that these people are very quarrelsome. It is normal for them to cheat, cheat, and behave not according to their conscience with foreigners. For example, there is a commandment in the Old Testament that prohibits usury in relation to their relatives. For Christians, this commandment is interpreted as prohibiting usury in general to all people, because all people are descended from Adam. And the Jews give money on loan to non-Jews, and they consider it normal. Well, and many more similar things.

  3. The structure of the Homo Sapiens species is rodo – tribal. This means that we are emotionally comfortable not in big cities where no one knows anyone, but in small, closely related groups… Relatively closely related, like a large village, where historically, even tens of generations ago, but still connected by genetic kinship.

    Since the isolation of such genetically related demes is prescribed by nature itself, it is not surprising that there are two interrelated instinctual programs – parochial altruism and xenophobia.

    Here is what we read on the website <url>: “Intergroup competition was an important incentive for the development of altruism in many social animals, including, apparently, our ancestors (see: Intergroup wars-the cause of altruism?, “Elements”, 05.06.2009; Altruism in children is associated with the desire for equality, “Elements”, 04.09.2008). It is assumed that altruism in humans was initially directed only at members of their own group and developed in a single complex with hostility to outsiders (Choi J. K., Bowles S. The coevolution of parochial altruism and war // Science. 2007. V. 318. P. 636–640). Such altruism is called “parochial”, that is, parochial, narrow, aimed exclusively at their own people. If an individual can survive and reproduce only as a member of a successful group (and this is the case for many social animals, from insects to primates), then natural selection will promote the development of intra-group parochial altruism even if the level of genetic kinship between group members is low (see: Intergroup competition promotes intra-group cooperation, Elements, 28.05.2007; Evolution of cooperation and altruism).!

    That is, it is typical for us to see “our own” in a good light-attributing only to them the best human traits, and to suspect “not our own” – of all human sins. Therefore, we are more willing to support our own people. It's emotionally comfortable for us.

    Historically, Jews are widely dispersed throughout the world. And without the strongest parochial altruism, they would not have survived as a national unity. Therefore, parochial altruism among Jews is particularly high. It is repeatedly fixed by group selection.

    Therefore, we have two trends

    1. Jews are a national community that has a high level of parochial altruism – therefore, they are actively engaged in promoting their compatriots to power. Good education. Great deals. Than UNSPEAKABLY irritate representatives of other peoples.

    2. In addition to the selection for parochial altruism, irritating the peoples among whom they were scattered, the Jews underwent a colossal selection for intelligence. Therefore, their path to power and the heights of science is quite natural. It is interesting that the repatriates to Israel rate the indigenous population who did not pass the crucible of this selection as “The Land of unafraid idiots”!

    Do you remember how Zhvanetsky did it? “What about the Jews? They are in the minority in any country, but in each individual industry in the majority. Take physics-in most cases. Take chess-in the majority. Take science-in the majority. And among the population in the minority. Many people can't understand how this happens, so they start hitting them.”!

    Moreover, the more unlucky and ignorant the population of a country , the easier it is to incite them against the Jews. All the easier it is to force you to dump it on them – dissatisfaction with your own life. Regularity of moving aggression to a less protected object…

    The overall standard of living and education in a country has an inverse correlation with the level of anti-Semitism in that country.

    In general, it's not so much about the Jews. One of the most important methods of strengthening authoritarian power, which even savanna baboons use, is to surround their dem (pack, tribe, people) with enemies. Ideally, a different nationality. And XENOPHOBIA-immediately cultivates parochial altruism, and forces the united people to rally around the leader…

    But it is dangerous to quarrel with strong neighbors… And Jews – they are always “at hand”… And everywhere in the minority. And often cause envy… Therefore, anti-Semitism is a great reason to redirect the aggression of the oppressed masses. And a reason to rally around not the best, but its leader…

    And therefore –

  4. Not just Jews. There have always been rogue nations. The most famous among them are Jews, Armenians and Gypsies. Jews were hated by all other peoples in antiquity, and this has always continued. Armenians are disliked by all other peoples of the Caucasus, the Turks gave them genocide, the Azerbaijanis-a great massacre. Finally, the Gypsies were always disliked and feared by everyone. Hitler destroyed them as ruthlessly as he destroyed the Jews. The question is why. Most likely, the reason for this hatred is that rogue nations have always put themselves above others, considered themselves a special,” chosen ” people. In their sacred books, it is written that one should be honest and just only in relation to one's own people, and representatives of other nations can be deceived and not take into account their interests at all just because they are, for example, “Goyim”. The same goes for the Gypsies – they are, they say, the chosen people, the “Romals”. You can't steal from your own people, they'll get killed for it, but from others you can easily sell drugs, steal horses, etc. Armenians are also honest and good, but for other Armenians, but in Baku taxi drivers took money from Armenian customers in advance, because they liked to leave without paying. I have no dislike for these peoples, but the reality is that they were disliked, and for good reason. Their behavior and confidence that they are better than others. This gave rise to upbringing and religion, developed national egocentrism. All rogue nations protect their “blood” from mixing with other nations, all jealously preserve their traditions, religion, language and culture, all help their own, all look down on “strangers”, despite the fact that they often live on the land of these” strangers”, use the resources of their state. But other peoples, in fact, are no more stupid than the “chosen ones”. They see and understand everything, they are outraged by this state of affairs. Hence the hostile attitude. Well, if only they don't like it. and sometimes it came to pogroms, genocide and the Holocaust.

  5. I suspect that most of the world's population is unaware of the existence of Jews. “Do not like” in different parts of the world a variety of peoples, including Russians, Chinese and Americans.

  6. The reason for bad relationships with anyone is a very low culture of behavior, upbringing, and education.

    People and countries are constantly in conflict over any minor issue – this is not all due to high culture and great love.

    Absolutely all groups – peoples and countries, parties and religions, different societies and gangs-adhere to the famous principle “you should behave relatively well and culturally only within your own group, because here you are punished very quickly, strictly, inevitably.”

    Double moral.

  7. To understand for the whole nation, you need to understand for yourself.

    And to do this, you need to live 10-15 years in a communal apartment, well, or in a hostel, where you constantly encounter neighbors in the kitchen, corridor, and even in the toilet.

    And if you want to understand for Jews, still read Jewish jokes or stories and you will understand what exactly Jews annoy you.

    If you understand a single case, you will also understand the whole. Over time.

    Or try asking yourself a couple of clarifying questions if you are really interested in this topic.:

    • And what other nations are there that live in one “cahal” in each country, without mixing with the people of this country and actively participating in the most influential areas of the economy and culture?

    the Chinese? Yes, but they only contain restaurants

    The Turks? Yes, but they only work in factories and play soccer.

    The Irish? yes, but they actively assimilate and dissolve, standing out only for their drinking parties on St. Peter's Day.Patrick.

  8. In modern terms, for being the founders of fascism and nationalism. Don't believe me? The main ideology of the supreme tyfuegorastakryr is Aryans-the chosen nation of God, Aryans above all. What does the Torah already say? Oh, wei! Still the same thing! Only a few millennia earlier. And if you add here that Jews are really very strong in financial matters and there are many more millionaires among them than all the others combined, then the picture is drawn of not the most honest person who gets rich at your expense. And where does love come from? even taking into account the fact that very few people speak about the first part.

  9. If there were no Jews, they would find someone else to hate. It is much easier to blame someone for your failures than to look for the reasons in yourself. And here are a lot of people who are different: they believe in a different God, they dress differently, they wash constantly, they send their children to school from the age of four, they don't do anything on the Sabbath, they make a lot of money, they, they, they… Reasons-up to a fig and a small cart.

    In addition, Jews were granted equal rights for the first time (and only in France) in the early 19th century. Jews were not allowed to hold many state judicial positions, were not allowed to go to school, and were not allowed to assimilate (however, until the 19th century, they did not really try, living mainly in their cramped ghettos). So we get that when the wave of nationalism swept through Europe, the Jews had only to go into opposition. And this is at a time when monarchism ruled the ball, which means that the opposition was often outlawed. So we get anti-Semitism already at the state level.

    Today, anti-Semitism has transformed into anti-Israelism. Those who were called anti-Semites 50 years ago are now shouting that they have nothing against Jews. They are against the country of Israel, which oppresses the rights of Palestinians, the country of apartheid and the destruction of Arabs. Today, anti-Israeli views are supported by politicians who are trying to achieve their goals.�

    Even the existence of Palestinian refugee camps is a way of fueling anti-Semitism. The Palestinians are the only people who have been living in such camps for half a century. There have already been several incendiaries who have heard about the same Haifa (in which there are quite a lot of abandoned houses in which Palestinians used to live) only as the next stories of old people. Any other refugee camps try to “disassemble”, assemble people, give them the opportunity to build their own lives. But if these Palestinians are assimilated, it will not be possible to demand their return to Palestine, which means that the pressure on Israel will fall.

    So the answer is simple: anti-Semitism comes from the dissimilarity of Jews and the political goals of certain people.

  10. Stupid question-statement.

    I have a normal attitude towards all nations and peoples. I don't hate anyone. Because I don't think any of them are superior to me. They hate those who are stupidly envious.

  11. Your question consists of the statement ( all nations hate only Jews ) and the question itself ( why and for what).

    So your statement is false. It's not just Jews who are hated. The Great Russians, for example, did not know Jews until Catherine II. And so they were not treated in any way. It was forbidden for Jews to be in the Russian Kingdom. Under the threat of unpunished robbery by anyone.

    And the Great Russians hated the Tatars, Turks, Swedes and Poles. Remember the proverb “An uninvited guest is worse than a Tatar”?

    After Pyotr Alekseevich, they began to hate the Germans. General Yermolov, hero of the Patriotic War of 1812 on the proposal of the Sovereign to award him “Ask what you want!” He asked the Emperor to make him a German. Because the dominance of the Germans was in Russia. The same as the dominance of Jews in the Soviet Department.

    And in general, the entire history of mankind is the history of the struggle and wars of races, ethnic groups and faiths. Here is the celebration of the Jewish racist poet Eduard Bagritsky, who felt himself a part of the race of winners:

    “My Jewish pride sang,

    Like a string stretched to failure…

    I would give a lot to have my ancestor

    In a long-skirted robe and a fox hat,

    From under which gray spiral

    Paces and dandruff fall away in a cloud

    Soars above the square beard…

    So that this ancestor will recognize the descendant

    In a big man standing like a tower

    Over flying headlights and bayonets

    The truck that shook midnight…

    And here is a scene of violence against a Russian noblewoman

    “Do you recognize it?” but she didn't say anything,

    Covering with light hands

    Pale face.

    “Well, did you find out?”


    Then out of spite I blurted out:

    “How much should I give you per session?”

    And quiet,

    Without parting her lips, she said:

    “Have pity on me! No need for money…”

    I threw the money at her.

    I stumbled in,

    Without pulling off your boots, without removing your holster,

    Without unbuttoning your tunic,

    Straight into the pool of fluff, into the blanket,

    Under which we fought and sighed

    All my predecessors – in the dark,

    Unintelligible stream of visions,

    Shouting, untied movements,

    Darkness and raging light…

    I take you for being timid

    Was my age, for being shy,

    For the shame of my homeless ancestors,

    For a random bird chirping!

    I take you as revenge on the world,

    Which I couldn't get out of!

    Take me into the empty bowels,

    Where the grass can't get started, –

    Maybe my night seed

    Fertilize your desert.

    So Jewish racists are no better than German racists.

    Well, other races pay Jews in the same coin.

    And other ethnic groups pay Jews in the same coin.

    Other faiths also pay Jews in the same coin.

    Note that we will not find, for example, a Russian poet who sang the race war with the Jews in the same way that Eduard Bagritsky sang the war with the white race.

  12. I've been thinking about this for a long time and this is how I see it.

    First of all, of course, for stubbornness, Well, in principle, there are no more stubborn and stubborn people.

    Sometimes it seems to me that the Lord specifically chose this particular people, they say, if you convince the most stubborn, the rest will pull themselves up.)))

    If you don't believe it, try to convince the Jew of something. )))

    And this is annoying.

    Second, of course, the Jewish people have a very high percentage of really smart people. If in the whole of humanity the distribution is 90% simple and 10% smart, then among Jews there are more than 50% smart.�

    And this is no longer annoying, but specifically infuriating.

    And finishing it off with the fact that Jews are not culturally assimilated – so much for hatred.

  13. 12-14But the Pharisees went out and took counsel against him, how they might destroy him. But when Jesus found out, he went away from there.

    12-24 But when the Pharisees heard this, they said, ” This man does not cast out devils except by the power of Beelzebub, the prince of devils.”

    12-34 Viper spawn! how can you say good things when you are angry? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

    15-14 leave them alone; they are blind leaders of the blind; but if a blind man leads a blind man, both of them will fall into the pit.

    16-4 An evil and adulterous generation seeks a sign, and no sign will be given to it, except the sign of Jonah the prophet.

    17-17 And Jesus answered and said, O faithless and perverse generation! How long will I be with you? how long will I put up with you?

    23-13 Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, for you shut up the kingdom of heaven to men, for you yourselves do not enter in, and you do not allow those who want to enter in

  14. From a lack of understanding of who Jews are, this is just a pattern imposed on society, which is used to delineate a certain social group. It defines absolutely different social groups-from Freemasons with communists, to ethnic groups with long noses and curly hair. But in reality, these are ordinary Jews, some of them adhere to Orthodox views, some of them are reformist. And that's the whole point, if you ask more specifically what kind of Jews who hates and why, then immediately the number of haters will drop sharply, which means that there will be no question of any joint hatred.

  15. There is a judge for everything against Jews.
    For your liveliness. For the mind. For slouching.
    Because the Jewish woman shot at the leader,
    because she missed.

    Igor Guberman

    Jews are a special nation, in fact, the word Jew itself translates as a survivor on the other side, as if they are not of this world. Therefore, even there was such a theory that they are zhidoreptiloids-aliens who took the form of a human and captured the planet. )
    Indeed, despite their small number relative to the entire population of the earth, they occupy and have always occupied the most key positions – they are better writers, philosophers, ideologists, intellectuals, scientists, doctors, politicians, artists, sociologists, poets. Jews are outstanding musicians, businessmen, thinkers, fashion designers ,actors and artists, psychologists, financiers, inventors, journalists, managers, chess players, singers, comedians and even, surprisingly, athletes.�

    Among scientists and doctors – one in five non-Jews (c)

    The All-Russian population Census shows that 0.1% of Jews live in Russia. The same indicator in the US does not rise above 2%. However, with such a small number of them specifically in American society, representatives of this nationality occupy 1/3 of the US Supreme Court, 2/3 are winners of the prestigious Tony Award among composers and songwriters, and a third are American Nobel laureates.
    There are 183 Jewish billionaires on the Forbes list. This represents 23% of all billionaires. In the list of the 40 richest people in the United States, the percentage of Jews reaches 45%. And in the list of Nobel Prize winners in all areas for all time, 20% are occupied by people of this nationality. (statistics taken by me from the Internet)

    The Jewish phenomenon has been thoroughly studied, and many researchers have tried to solve its mystery. Different versions are put forward-from a worldwide conspiracy and their national treachery to the fact that, as I have already said, this is a special race of so-called zhidoreptiloids that have an alien origin. However, everything is much simpler, but also more complex at the same time-they are God's chosen people , and therefore they have a certain stamp on them :

    6 For you are a holy people to the LORD your God: the LORD your God has chosen you to be his own people out of all the peoples that are on the earth.
    7 Not because you were more numerous than all the nations, did the LORD receive you and choose you (for you are more numerous than all the nations), 8
    but because the Lord loves you, and to keep the oath which he swore to your fathers “(Deut 7: 6-8)

    The Jews were God's chosen people, according to the Bible's testimony. For what purpose? The goal of the Jews was to turn the Gentiles from their idols ( false paradigms and aspirations) to the True God-to teach them, to show a contrast, etc. However they did not fulfill their purpose and as a result were punished by the Creator as stipulated in the Covenant:

    15 But if you will not listen to the voice of the LORD your God, and will not observe to do all his commandments and his statutes, which I command you this day, then all these curses will come upon you and overtake you.
    (Deuteronomy 28: 15)
    37 And you will be a terror, a proverb, and a reproach to all the nations to which the LORD will lead you.
    (Deut 28: 37)
    64 And the LORD will scatter you among all the nations, from one end of the earth to the other; and there you will serve other gods, which neither you nor your fathers have known, wood and stone.
    65 But even among these nations you will not rest, and there will be no place of rest for your foot; and the Lord will give you there a trembling heart, a fainting eye, and a fainting soul
    (Deut 28:64,65).

    The message of Christ was their last warning – to convert and live up to God's Covenant. However unfortunately most of the Jewish people did not listen to Christ and the result was predictable^

    24 And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and be carried away captive among all the nations; and Jerusalem shall be trodden under foot by the Gentiles, until the days of the Gentiles be ended.
    (Luke 21: 24)

    Based on all these explanations, hatred of Jews is based on two feelings – on the one hand, a sense of envy for a more successful group of people, on the other – a subconscious sense of revenge, revenge, as one of the Jews themselves said.

  16. Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky answered this question very clearly in his diaries. Much of what he writes and predicts in these notes is happening right now.

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