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  1. I think they will continue to be popular, as well as horoscopes, religion, various trainings, NLP, dietary supplements, fitness for weight loss and many other things that have nothing to do with science. I also thought that these exercises probably helped, until I read your own links in the comments to the question. Well, because “it seems to help”. But I never used these sites beyond 2-3 exercises, and, moreover, I was not a paid subscriber: apparently, at the level of my subconscious, something protects me from such actions. However, on the other hand, it wasn't particularly interesting, and I don't like to force myself.
    If we talk about scientific things, then there are a lot of people who are ready to tear you up if you only express doubt in some “proven scientific facts”, although it is basically normal to doubt. Quite a lot of people associated with science, if not the absolute majority, have a personally formed point of view only on their own topic and related to it, and on other issues they simply tend to trust their fellow scientists, and sometimes unjustifiably: many hypotheses are met with hostility. And here is such a very scientific thing and suddenly it turned out to be useless! Well, except for something to occupy yourself with something. Almost no one will know about this for a long time, especially since a quick search on Russian-language sites brought up only the Mel site. But I had to look for it specifically, and “brain games” are advertised. And I, a person who is interested in many aspects of life, including various controversial issues, came to your question almost by accident, and most people are basically closed in their own environment of interests. In this, by the way, they are very “helped” by the most used “search engines”, which, adapting to the user, actually form a closed and constantly narrowing circle of information.
    In fact, it is very difficult to convey information to people. In business, we are constantly faced with the problem that advertising works very poorly. And if there is a rumor, then try to refute it again: it is necessary to talk to each person separately. This is the news of “Channel 1″ quickly reach, although the audience of this channel is unlikely to use” brainwashers”.
    �So the owners of brain-building sites will be in the black for a long time to come.

  2. Hello, it is clear that such simulators are not a panacea, but regularly doing NeuroNation, I began to notice that I became more attentive, I remember better, which helps a little in my work. Therefore, I am happy to continue my studies. It doesn't seem useless to me.

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