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  1. Selfishness is the best friend of a person, if it is reasonable and cultured, not excessive. The proverb “your shirt is closer to your body” is about this. Man is a micro-state.

    Patriotism is analogous to selfishness, but it already applies to the entire state and people. And this is good in reasonable and cultural forms and frameworks.

  2. For two reasons:

    1. Patriotism – is based on instinctive social behavioral programs – “protection of the common feeding territory”. And all instinctive programs interact with the rational activity through emotions. Therefore, the correct implementation of the instinct to protect the territory is always supported by POSITIVE EMOTIONS.
    2. Patriotism, first of all, is beneficial to the tops of the power pyramids. It is they who receive a lot of preferences from the patriotic actions of the working population. That is why we hear the most patriotic slogans from those who are not particularly patriotic themselves (they have dual citizenship, real estate abroad, train and treat their loved ones abroad, send their children to live in other countries, etc.), but want the patriotism of the “lower class”. That is why official propaganda always extols patriotism.

    In modern Russia, when there is a strong stratification of the population on property and legal grounds, patriotism is tightly associated with the army or the church. Even in schools, “lessons of patriotism” are always associated with one of these structures…

    Although biologists have long proved that it is impossible to TEACH PATRIOTISM as a set of instinctive programs. It forms itself, or does not form, depending on “being” – the general conditions of existence of the individual and the society in which it consists.

    And military or religious pseudo-patriotism is not patriotism, but XENOPHOBIA towards non-citizens… It makes you feel “in the ring of enemies”, and, therefore, rally around the “leader”, putting all your problems and tasks aside for later. Even if such a “leader” is bad as a leader and a person…

  3. But not all” isms ” are necessarily bad. For example-pox. ism is a great thing and makes life easier. And there is such a thing as “hurrah for patriotism”. This is when, for populist purposes, they turn a blind eye to all the negativity that is always and everywhere, or, even worse, they attribute the causes of negativity to certain enemies and start looking hard for them, and of course they find them… everything is relative.

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