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  1. The era of the Internet has led to the fact that musical heroes are heroes for five minutes and immediately they are replaced by others. AtPitchfork was a series of articles about how modern pop music has changed with the advent of the Internet and streaming, for example, in the first twenty seconds of free pre-listening, the most biting beginning of a song is laid. Something similar to clips, you need to hook it at all costs. And kitsch is generally the aesthetics of a time that has ceased to take things seriously and is one of the elements of postmodern culture. The diffuse perception of the Internet age, when a person has access to a source of information, implies the success of the most shocking content and vivid visual interpretation. Therefore, the pop artist needs to dump the very essence of images on the viewer.

    You can view,for example, Little big

    Rammstein and Tommy Cash, where it will be noticeable that kitsch is the result of our multicultural time.

  2. Hello, this is mainly due to the fact that all the interesting ideas of the clips were used earlier and modern performers can't come up with anything adequate, so it turns out to be tasteless. But, for example, the band Little Big has very interesting clips, they demonstrate an unusual approach.

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