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  1. Perhaps you think that all people are more stupid than you. The problem can be both in people and in yourself.

    Sometimes we greatly underestimate others and do not recognize either their point of view or their choice, and even some rights we cannot recognize. For example, a person has a hollow right to develop as he wants or not to develop at all.

    And each person has their own threshold of a comfortable development zone:

    • someone is constantly drawn to new knowledge,
    • and for some, what they already know is enough.

    And in the second case, we can't call a person stupid. He just decided to live so comfortably.

    I would recommend that you notice the good qualities of the people around you, try to teach them and learn something from them.

    Also, if society tries to oppress such individuals, in no case do not give in to this herd. Be individual and don't hurt other people.

  2. Most people think that everyone is an idiot, but not them. Therefore, if you do not go into a purely medical definition of this word, then this diagnosis is made by everyone to everyone.�

    Nowadays, you can be an “idiot” in quantum physics, thereby professionally understanding some metallurgy. But idiocy, in its newest sense, implies something that has already been repeatedly discussed everywhere and everywhere, namely, the lack of critical thinking and other self-educational things. It is necessary not to take for granted what seems rather dubious. And, as I think, here it is possible, rather even necessary, to break the commandment that is about authorities. And draw information from specialists in your field, while remaining an expert in your own.�

    Here I am, for example, in the topic of idiots, a complete idiot. But trying to fill in the gaps in different areas of knowledge with the knowledge of knowledgeable people, I try to weed out desperate charlatans who preach their own thought, obtained by synthesizing one gyrus with monkey stubbornness.

    The idiot is the one who does not doubt, and seeks answers in simple explanations, which, as experience shows, in most cases are false. As Nevzorov said: “If a person speaks to me on behalf of the truth, I immediately understand that I am dealing with an idiot.”�

    What am I doing now? Everyone has their own truth. Your own opinion is fine, but it should have a solid foundation, not raw earth.

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