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  1. NATURE usually gives very sparingly-talent/genius in one direction (in science) often turns out to be far from talent/genius in the other direction (in ordinary household or social life) – and this bias is usually reinforced/aggravated by a person's further passion in the direction of their talent (doing science) to the detriment of all other indicators (social, emotional, everyday direction…).


    INTELLIGENCE is described by a large list of different indicators. These indicators describe specific special abilities/talents of a person – logical, social, emotional, and everyday….

    THIS means that in general, it is impossible to strictly compare two people “who is more intelligent”. Average intelligence indicators describe intelligence very conditionally and approximately.

  2. Unfeeling? Well, you pulled! The main thing here is to understand what is a high level of intelligence? True, I have never met such people, but I think that indifference is more inherent in stupid people.

  3. Because the human brain consumes up to 30 % of the body's total energy and tends to save money whenever possible, which means it's easier to ask another brain than to spend energy on your own decision. A large society does not require a lot of energy-consuming brains (intellectuals), and the latter simply understand that they are constantly used and they have the skill to identify such vampires 😀 Moreover, the brain strain on solving the problem posed by the environment brings them pleasure, but the endless creation and correction (circumstances change and require correction of instructions) for others and the delivery of these instructions is straining. And since unfinished cycles take up a few points of attention(all cycles need to be completed), there is a need to avoid the beginning of the cycle of communication, which manifests itself in callousness and insensitivity.

  4. This is not the case.�

    Most people with high levels of intelligence and poor communication skills are callous and insensitive. As a result, they demonstrate their high level of intelligence when it is not required. People with advanced communication skills show less of their high intelligence. Therefore, it is more difficult to understand what their scale of thought is.

  5. Simply, they know how to set priorities, and understand what is worth spending their energy on and what is not. Plus, no matter what a truly smart person does, some schemes, calculations, reasoning and other useful thoughts are always spinning in his head. From that time and resources are not enough to play with people in mutual sympathy. However, the conclusion refutes your assumption, and in fact these people are not callous, and especially not insensitive, they just do not show you their emotions. Although believe me, there are those people for whom “Clever and clever” do not regret their sincerity, but alas, you will not know about this until you fall in love with such a person. Or until you become a parent)

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