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  1. People made up the time themselves. In order to plan for the future and consider events in the past. Much later, it became a physical quantity. Since the countries where time was invented had a hexadecimal system of calculation, everything was a multiple of 16 and the calculation of time was initially different. Then, based on astronomical observations, they began to calculate the seven-day week, divided the day into 24 hours, and began to divide all time intervals by 60. The time to which we are accustomed began to calculate relatively recently. And at the same time, even the reference time raises doubts among some physicists. Therefore, a person's life is limited by the amount of time that the person himself invented.

  2. If the year was not 12,but 6 months, then our age, according to the idea, would be 2 times more.

    People would age in 120-130 years.

    So why are people tied to 60 minutes in an hour,60 seconds in a minute ,or 12 months in a year?If there was no time in principle, we would not even know our age and would not be divided into old and young .

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