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  1. In general, you can meet people who are quite tolerant of other people's opinions – they are not too rare, especially in large cities closer to civilization, because the ability to control your emotions and thoughts is achieved by upbringing and a high level of culture.

    As for people who can not easily transfer the existence of other opinions on the same issue – this is difficult, because the reasons can be very different. Most often, this indicates uncertainty in their ideals and values, because then any dissimilar worldview is perceived as a threat, and people attack out of fear that their own worldview may collapse and then everything they live by will collapse-this can be very scary, especially if the person is not very educated and well – mannered.

    So yes, it is very important for them that everything around them is clear enough to fit it into their picture of the world, and they can react aggressively to something that is not obvious.

  2. There are no different worldviews. Earth's humanity has only one worldview – the human worldview. On the way of life, a person comprehends different aspects of the same worldview.

    People follow different trajectories of this worldview, which sometimes resembles the labyrinth of the Minotaur. Someone in this maze begins to get confused and despair, someone is lucky enough to meet the thread of Ariadne, which leads him to the light.

    Sometimes the path to the center, to the core of the worldview, resembles the path of a worm that chews through the ripe apple of life… Without noticing it, they contribute to the fall from the branch and further rotting of the apple and, if everything goes well, the apple seeds give a new growth, and then a new, updated core of the worldview.

    Sometimes our worldview turns into a classic black box, the essence of which is unclear, dark and invisible. And each of us strives to make a hole in this box in order to get at least one peek into this black box of truth. Someone cuts a round hole, someone an ellipse, there are fans of triangles or huge holes with scuffed edges, there are fans of star projections or animal figures. It also happens that someone finds a stencil of the royal crown and tries to find out the secrets of existence through it.

    Religions, sciences, and the arts are some of these ways to get to the bottom of time-tested, well-worn post roads with various options for detours, if somewhere a dam has broken in the ideological spring…

    Therefore, these disputes-between adherents of “different worldviews” – are disputes about roads, sometimes paths.

    Why do these disputes sometimes become so fierce?

    You know, there is such a wonderful German writer Hermann Hesse, the Germans themselves pronounce his last name very gently: “Hesse”. So, he has a wonderful book called Siddhartha. Yes, it's about the Buddha, but, let's just say, a rather non-standard Buddha. And in it, the main character of the book somehow says that in most cases he sees people around him-children. It seems that one chapter of the book, if my memory serves me correctly, is directly called “People are children”.

    People are really like children when it comes to beliefs. They accept on faith what their parents tell them, what they are taught in schools, universities, master's degrees, professors and scientific authorities, books and films, movie stars or social networks. People don't try, or rather, very rarely try to think for themselves. And even less often they become adults.

    An adult stops playing hide-and-seek with the world. It's just open. Open to any worm, like that ripe apple. He himself becomes the very black box that they start drilling… It unwittingly turns into a confusing and at the same time beautiful maze… Finally, it becomes a normal field road, a country road.

    You know, usually such a back road is still made by philosophers, not for nothing did one of them, Martin Heidegger, even write a book with such a telling title “Conversation on a country Road”, because by this time his thinking had become such a steppe road.

    As we get closer to the center, the arguments about the essence become quieter, and after a while they completely fall silent. Because from the very beginning, when you come to the capital of truth, you realize that there are different roads leading to it and, in addition to the earth's roads, there are also sea and air routes. And there are also unauthorized mosquito infestations, especially if a reservoir is found nearby… That is, some may arrive at the gist by way of the mosquito…

    And here in this city, an adult life is already going on. And there, if there are any disputes, it is more about a joint common cause, the same one that the philosopher Nikolai Fyodorov spoke about. Arguments aimed at creating added value for good, true good, when thinking about the good for one's neighbor without malice and bitterness, but more with humor and irony.

  3. Considering that developed and intelligent people according to Nevzorov (and I think he also exaggerated) – only 14%, and those who, according to him, are not familiar with intelligence at ALL-86%, we get a solid ignorant biomass that rules the ball and has reasonable people as hostages.. That is why most atheists and agnostics (that is, more developed and intelligent people who can think independently) will be intolerant of believers – because believers begin to plant obscurantism in a state where an intelligent person would absolutely not want religions to interfere in all spheres of life, literally imposing their medieval fairy tales on all social events, in schools, in art, etc.

    The situation is even worse with TV zombies. After listening to manipulative speeches that all someday, so in 100 years, you need to be patient a little – they will be good in the country but for now, live in poverty and believe us, we will settle everything over time – these zombies go and vote for those who are smart and far-sighted have long been out of trust. And so we continue all together-both smart and zombies live badly. And this is all because the worldview of the majority is not based on CONSCIOUS critical thinking, but simply people like parrots repeat what the cunning people who rule the ball put into their heads.

    Therefore, intolerance of the more ignorant and stupid is the norm. A person with the level of consciousness of a professor cannot be tolerant of a person with the consciousness of a kindergarten child….but it is this low level of consciousness that rules. That's why all the problems of humanity…

  4. INTOLERANCE has been formed for a very long time and manifests itself in any trifle-according to the scheme “not like everyone else, a white crow, etc.”.

    WORLDVIEW (more precisely, a fixed idea from long-term zombie propaganda) this is the REASON for very serious differences, disagreements, and squabbles.

    For a cultural trial, there is a great lack of knowledge, skills, arguments, facts, specifics – all this is replaced by emotions and ambitions and abstractions.

    THE most SURPRISING and unhealthy thing is that the most important – real grief-practice of life is very rarely a topic of controversy, but unrealistic abstract useless topics are at the peak of enormous popularity (for example, the polemics of atheists and believers).

    AN EXAMPLE FROM THE PAST – earlier monks argued for educational purposes – how many angels can fit on the tip of a needle, inactive debaters were beaten and forced-today everything repeats on a new level…

  5. It is necessary to realize that the Ego consciousness of people is a program for the survival of the body and the consciousness of the mind for orientation in the environment of the artificial world and, accordingly, their own physical body. bodies, as well as their own kind.

    If the consciousness of the Ego determines a certain gregariousness of the community, then the consciousness of the MIND already has an individuality, which allows the chela to be and stand out among his own kind without using rough physics. force and violence, that is, to manipulate and edify already through consciousness and on consciousness. Actually, repeating the Ego's attitude consciousness, but not programmatic, namely acquired through experience or imposed by force, even if it happens voluntarily, that is, training in an educational institution. It is strange for you to hear, but the world is arranged exactly according to the principle of Life is movement, where it is carried out initially in the consciousness of the MIND or through it by puppeteers (yes, we are precisely controlled and controlled), namely standing (education-action programs-what we call thought), then opposition, edification and retention of movement. That is, the meaning-the program of life is in motion and it is always carried out with the application of violence, if not complete suppression, then control of the resistance of the opposing person, and it does not matter who or what. What about people, animals, things, that's why the word love is a one-sided unity, is used by our consciousnesses as a universal concept-dependence, that is, unity is always violent, to love-to contact, and how, if you need to make a minimum of effort, even…, you can use a word, but there is also a body that asks for a type of soul – consciousness of the MIND.

    From all that has been said,it can be concluded that man and animals, and even plants and micro creatures, have just such a thing (life in motion) in their minds, both individually and in communities, and the general consciousness is like a corona virus, which can be controlled both by edifying us and by puppeteers through his consciousness and bringing violence to humanity. If you take edification for granted-take it on faith-don't know, don't even try to resist, then you will definitely get sick. Because you do not control your consciousness, and addictions control you, which you yourself have accepted, through the edification of society-violence.

    Therefore, I hope you understand why the chelas are edifying each other. That is, the main thing for puppeteers is to imitate life on the move in an artificial world, but such addictions as religion,esotericism, science and a lot of small money, power, food, yes, drugs, alcohol and much more. That is, these and other dependencies fix in the consciousness of the Ego and mind already a template perception of the response to the confrontation of violence and it does not matter what the meaning is-the program to the sconce(to-means restriction, there is also from) or light (we have one light, solar, there are simply no others, only in the minds of deception. these concepts (by the way, the same template), they deceive you and they also force you to perform actions, that is, on the example of religion, which is in the minds of almost everyone, but in the physical plane not everyone cultivates it, that is, they perform actions of worship and cult performance, that is, determining dependence and distracting from other perceptions in motion, for example, not to expand the consciousness of the mind. In general, all addictions work to limit the development of the mind, if they are used as a template.But it is also a way of knowing up to a certain point and determining the connections of everything in everything with the search and disclosure of new things, and not turning into a template and closing it. As it is done with religions, where the template is imposed that it is not possible to connect with the artificial world, for one reason that it is completely different from what we were leaked(as in everything else) puppeteers and creators initially, defining for themselves the purpose of this artificial world as a tool for them, and we as stupid performers of artificial life in a technogenic logical version, which is imposed on us, one word bugs bug life.(defining us as puppet masters, caretakers, gendarmes of the world. by the way, RA-the combination of these letters is the understanding of external control, or boilerplate by the god RA.)

    What kind of light can there be if the artificial world is designed exactly in the likeness of the creators, and they are not light(the light ones have completely different principles, self-sufficient initially, collectors of consciousness. here it is worth thinking about what this artificial world is for, it is part of the mechanism for using other vibrations) and even who is on the higher planes. So there is a technological nature of development from top to bottom, that is why religions are imposed, as they are cultivated, submission to the highest authority, and we have a cult of religions in our minds, that is, the gods are puppeteers, because they play with all people spewing miracles, instilling dependencies as confirmation in the physical world. the plan. Stupidly deception and nothing more, also occurs in science, not counting the applied and that is limited and do not allow to use the opportunities that the ATLANTEANS had, who were beaten, for which they were destroyed, and we were limited in consciousness and led into deception through an illusion.

    I hope now you understand the answer to your question.

    So, use your minds independently, first freeing it from garbage-dependencies, but do not forget about the puppeteers and they are also gendarmes, they will not like your freedom and you will need to be prepared for festering-violent on the physical. the body, not for the sake of, but in spite of.

  6. Worldviews do not exist separately from real life. Otherwise, it is hypocrisy (perhaps unconsciously). The worldview is realized in everyday actions and influences human history.

    For example, a person whose worldview includes human sacrifice will kill, and someone who stands in a position of racial or class superiority will oppress other people.

    A purely ideological intransigence would not involve so many people. It is precisely the predicted or real-life consequences of a particular worldview that lead to conflicts. And, yes! it is better to spend energy defending your position in a dispute than it plus material resources and even human lives when implementing destructive concepts.

  7. Yes, mostly a clueless person. But gradually, if he makes mental and intellectual efforts, he becomes intelligent. He learns to be more patient, respectful, and calm.

    Sacred books and sages teach us to be not just friendly, but to know ourselves as part of God, who is the whole, and the soul is a part.

    Yes, the fact is that those who have just embarked on the spiritual path, it still has the old qualities (fanaticism, anger, hatred, greed, fear, etc.). Therefore, novice neophytes in any religious and spiritual movement, as a rule, are very intolerant and fanatical. But this passes if a person sincerely strives to know himself and his place in the world.

  8. The first desire of the infant is to return to the womb, to a comfortable environment, to an uninterrupted source of nutrition, in order to be filled again and experience Unity with the source of its life, the Mother. The first breast-feeding is such a union of the baby with the source of nutrition, so it is constantly drawn to return to its source, the child constantly wants to be filled with full attention, both physically “food” and mentally “mentally”. With such zeal, a person grows and absorbs knowledge, fills his personality like a bottomless vessel, unable to quench his thirst and return to the womb again. filling up, a person appropriates everything that life gives him, including information, having his own opinion, which in disputes he cannot give to his neighbor in order to find a connection and get something new. So we live, greedily filling ourselves, unable to let go of thoughts about the past and future, any dreams and fantasies, abandon the old point of view and go to a meeting. we are not ready to let go of anything, in order to be tolerant of each other, everyone should be like we are, everyone wants a copy of themselves, so that everyone agrees with them, with the information that they keep in themselves and do not let go. They do not care about the view of the world of others, they care about attention, so that it is drawn to them in any case, for this they are ready to grab someone else's point of view if only the opponent would give their attention and help them assert themselves.

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