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  1. You just need to answer all the questions of the child, while being yourself sufficiently developed intellectually and of course educated. Give your child the opportunity to express their opinion about the world around them from an early age.Develop curiosity about everything.A student should be taught to learn.

  2. People can be smart and stupid for the same reason that they can be short and tall-it's hereditary. The second important factor is the environment. The environment can both develop a person and hinder development.

  3. Because all people grow up in different environments and conditions. Someone from childhood is surrounded by educated people who are able to tell something interesting, answer interesting questions, or at least devote enough time and engage in some activity with the child: draw, make something warm, build a house out of matches, embroider something. It would seem that modeling and embroidery have nothing to do with intelligence. But they do, they teach perseverance, imagination, and patience. Further, of course, reading is an indicator of a person's mind – what they read and how they read it, Daria Dontsova's novels will not add intelligence, but the autobiography of a great person or popular science literature will make them smarter, since now there are books even for children (which many popularizers focus on).�

    In the opposite conditions, there are often no prerequisites for the development of mental abilities. Except for those cases when the school meets a really interesting and” lively ” teacher who will be able to interest and develop in the child some interests and abilities other than drinking beer with criminal friends behind garages.

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