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  1. There is a flagellum in nature. The flagellum is generally similar to a wheel, this is the only known case when a 360-degree hinge is found in wildlife.

    Outside of unicellular cells, such hinges are impossible, since body tissues must be continuous, and continuity is incompatible with circular rotation. Topology, you heartless s***!

  2. With the exception of quite microscopic creatures, something else is needed for the wheel to appear – namely, a road.

    And the road is a sign of a developed life, because if you have reached the river from the cave, then you no longer need the road, and only intelligent creatures (that is, only people) will not just go to the river, but also try to make a road to it – not only for themselves, but also for others.

    Accordingly, all the rest is much more important patency and adaptability – all sorts of paws, claws and so on. There was simply no need for evolution to evolve in the direction of wheels or anything like that. But only a man could invent a wheel for driving on a flat surface – which he did.

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