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  1. First, you need to understand that due to the conservatism inherent in the right, they are quite slow to accept changes and everything new in general, and science often gives new discoveries that are sometimes difficult to accept. Art and all creative professions in general are about freedom of expression and the great risk of being a beggar, which is not always clear to people with right-wing views. Philosophy in general asks too many questions and is in itself too abstract and profound for the down-to-earth rightists with their clear foundations, traditions and goals. But times are changing. What used to be considered exclusively “left-wing” is now accepted by the “right”as well. For example, there are now right-wing followers among LGBT people, and a person with right-wing views is not necessarily sexist, homophobic, or racist. In addition, many prominent people may hold left-wing views on social issues, but right-wing views on economic issues, or vice versa. So I wouldn't say that there are a lot of prominent people on the left. I think they are more centrist. But in general, it is obvious that the right-wingers are more market-oriented and it is more important for them to have a practical technical education, after which you can immediately go to work in your specialty and earn a lave. The left is less bewitched by capitalism and more often receives less practical liberal arts or any other education, the goal of which is not on a par with the prospect of becoming a well-to-do person.

  2. Because the state is like a cultural and social shirt for medium-sized individuals – the so-called “gray mass”. For children and the ignorant, it is great and the task of the state is to forcibly develop them to the level of the”gray mass”.

    The “gray mass” is the vast majority of the population, they are comfortable and safe in this shirt, they have (who is better, who is worse) a superficial knowledge of etiquette, morality, watch TV, read popular reading, live feelings, emotions, etc. This is enough for them to live on – they don't want to dig any deeper. To watch TV, you don't have to be a telemaster and understand its electrical circuits.

    But there are people (about whom you write in the question) who continue to grow individually, the state shirt becomes too small for them, it constrains their aspirations, they do not want (and in principle cannot) return to the “gray mass”, the level of which they have overcome. They develop their own culture, which, as it seems to them from the height of their development, is better and bigger… therefore, they are not happy with the current situation and try to change something, but they come across a total misunderstanding of the authorities and the “gray mass” that supports them. In general, when you consider yourself smarter than those who control you, conflict is inevitable.. but this is not always true – more often you do not notice the real picture of what is happening behind your beliefs.

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