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  1. (Upd. The cover of the question was changed for some reason. Initially, there were dirty sneakers and pants about 15 centimeters above the ankle).

    To the answer of Alexander Artamonov, I would like to add that the “doorways of a healthy person” look something like this

    and only in the warm season. To tuck up your pants like this, they must be longer than they should be for normal wear. Would-be fashionistas do not know about this, and pants that are just right for their length are tucked up to the knee. What is on the cover of the question can be called “smoker's doorways”.)

  2. I recently thought about the same thing, and realized that I am so saturated with this “fashion” that for me all kinds of joints of the leg and shoes a priori look unnatural and repulsive if the leg overlaps part of the shoe. And it all appeared along with the fashion for colorful shoes – if you are in the 80s, and buy cool white sneakers, you will try to do everything to draw attention to them, and tuck up the leg and create a “dividing line” for this purpose is very effective. Around the same time, the fashion for everything tight was laid, including for men, and it became fashionable to show a slender silhouette of the leg. Well, today you can often find such “legs” as in the background of this question, but this is just some poor eclecticism of young people who think that in rostrans with dirty soles and pants from the Pull&Bear sale they look really cool

    1. To emphasize your yeezy boost (or any other fashionable cross-country shoes, or just cool shoes)

    2. In addition, a bare ankle looks extremely elegant, makes slender legs visually thinner, even more vulnerable (Achilles ' heel), this applies to both women and men

  3. Because of the fashion for bare ankles every year it is more and more difficult to find a normal pair of jeans. In general, not wanting to spend a lot of time looking for clothes, I also joined the mods. Only in the cool season I dress under such jeans from 70 and tights of flesh color. And the aesthetics are preserved and there is no risk of freezing everything to hell.

  4. As far as I know, when the current of “snickerheads” was just beginning (the beginning of the noughties), rather narrow jeans/pants were not common and many guys raced in wide pipes (the rest of the 80s and 90s). To show off their sneakers, they rolled up their jeans. Now with a big delay (somewhere in the 13th or 14th year) this part of the cross-head culture came to us, in Russia, and it was used by everyone who wanted to, and often inappropriately and completely ridiculous.�

    P.S. This is my first answer to “The Question”! Hello everyone, good luck to all! Thanks!

  5. Then, why do people buy things that they don't need, to impress people they don't care, I don't remember the literal quote, but the essence is exactly this, people like to follow the trend, fashion, even if they don't understand where this phenomenon originally comes from, later the brain itself comes up with a million reasons why you need to do this to seem better, more beautiful

  6. I once asked my wife this question, she worked as a model in South Korea and ironically remarked that when model bows are shot in Asia with the participation of tall European girls, it can be banal not to have a suitable size of jeans, and the ankle remains bare )

  7. Maybe people go with doorways for the same reason as those who like a particular color, because they just like it, from the point of view of aesthetics. And do not look for any meaning in this.

  8. I, for one, haven't been able to find the perfect jeans for a long time. And since my old ones began to tear rapidly between my legs, I decided to urgently buy new ones. Well, I found a more or less suitable option. They are a little long for me, that is, they will climb on my shoes. This is ew. They're also too wide. This is also fu. I have to turn it up twice. One isn't pretty. Here.

  9. suppose that you show your fashionable crosses in all their glory, show off a real branded seam, an elegant ankle, further in the text…and who prefers what.

  10. I've already seen friends who bought jeans several times, and the next day they had them removed, but they did it because the jeans were long, they couldn't sew them themselves, and it's a pity to spend 300 rubles. Now I often noticed the situation that girls for the place to extend, cut jeans to length and go like this.

  11. I always thought that those who go with the doorways do it exactly for the reason that I like to wear berets – so that the bottom of the pant leg does not get wet and dirty too quickly. But after reading the answers, I realized that there it is.

  12. I don't know who knows how. But I am very comfortable walking with doorways, although I do not do them practically. I like it when the bottom of the pants are narrowed, it is incredibly comfortable. And when they are not rolled up and reach right up to my sneakers, I feel uncomfortable.

  13. Well, there are 2 types of doorways:
    1) Practices. Just too long pants, for example, which look very ugly when they are too low

    2) Mods. Here, I think, without commentaries

  14. The salt of this fashion is also in the fact that in this way old jeans turn… they transform… in absolutely new without spending money. Moreover, many jeans have a beautiful underside, so why hide it? And yes, fashionable bright shoes are more visible this way.

  15. Yes, indeed, this phenomenon appeared a long time ago, but not in the 80s with the fashion for colorful shoes, but earlier. But earlier this was done not because of shoes, but because of jeans, the seam of which, the so-called “self-edge” (“save the edge”), showed their quality.�

    Now with the fashion for sneakers and with the fashion for this type of cut, doorways have become even more fashionable, because sneakers, normal sneakers, and not roshiki, look much better either with doorways, or with skinny jeans that do not cover them. For example, normal sneakers with no doorways and with them (plus Salvage).

  16. I have a hunch that this is to make fashionable sneakers more visible. in summer. and in the winter already out of habit, because it is fashionable and what now, to roll out? they wear the same jeans in winter and summer, and the length is too long for classic socks. I may be wrong.

  17. There are definitely interesting people gathered here.Обсуждать Discuss this “phenomenon” on the Internet, and moreover give any arguments “for and against”.



  18. And in my opinion, just the ankles – such an elegant place that everyone, having rolled up once, begins to adore their bones even more. and they can't stop

  19. I ride a bike. Rolled-up pants do not cling to the star and do not interfere with pedaling. And it's not convenient to deploy them every time you get off the bike. And with physical exertion, ventilation also does not hurt. But of course only during moderate temperatures-not in minus 30)

  20. I do not know why, but I can say absolutely for sure that in Siberia, a person in warm outerwear, a hat, wrapped in a scarf and at the same time in trousers with flaps, short socks and obviously not winter shoes looks at least ridiculous:)

  21. Well, there are rumors that in the American zone, “roosters” pulled down their pants to show their sexual preferences. Based on this, of course, we can assume that the exposure of any place (in the lower part of the body) indicates the non-traditional sexual orientation of current fashionistas.

  22. I always wear my jeans rolled up in the summer, just because it's hot, and I don't wear skirts. So what, now I'm going to look like a fashion idiot?))
    What kind of stupid kipesh went up with those lapels? Let the idiots freeze their feet, what do you care? Periodically, young people have some stupid fashion, in my time there were cockerel hats, for example)) This passes and something new appears, stop whining already.

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