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  1. It's about morals. That is, in the public approval of a particular behavior. At some point, society gradually began to approve of living for the sake of pleasure and entertainment. And science requires discipline. That is, something exactly the opposite. And most people naturally chose hedonism out of the socially acceptable alternatives of discipline and hedonism. And winning hedonism implies wealth without labor. Currently, these are financial instruments. What happens next-see the history of previous civilizations.

  2. The microscopic chances of survival of a civilization raise much more pressing questions. Science today only exacerbates this problem-by solving acute environmental problems and very successfully creating huge quantities of the latest weapons.

    1. Why generalize? Some, for example, work in research institutes, just move science.

    2. Have you tried to ask this question to the officials who determine the s / p of scientists?


  3. I think that's because humans are not robots, but versatile, evolving creatures. Evolution moves independently of us, and we move according to it and many other laws of the universe, conceived and created by God exactly as it should.

  4. Doing science is a discovery through logical juxtaposition and reflection.

    Therefore, a person for himself, first of all, is always engaged in science from childhood. Because science is based on admiration when learning a new fact in a life situation. A person begins to pay attention to uniform general rules when this life rule arises and draw life conclusions. And so it is every day in the child's life. The child is interested in everything, as long as his adults do not intimidate or pull away.

    Only because of their lack of knowledge, many people do not make world scientific discoveries.

    Now financiers have achieved great success in building their schemes in making a profit even without production, and through money they dictate their own rules of life to people. These schemes are created by very smart people who get out of tax evasion by going into the shadows. But big money is always hindered by people who need to pay their salaries and provide housing out of profit. therefore, war is the destruction of people and production, so that people are willing to work just for any cheap food and live in dugouts.

    Therefore, some rich people are visible, like all people from show business, when they depict or draw something that never happens in life. Thus, these manipulators lead people's thoughts into an unreal world of dreams and fantasies-horror stories or dreams of impossible miracles.

    But along with the show shows, in real life there is also real production and construction work, where in the process of work there are their own admires and discoveries to improve the production process. People defend themselves again and again to survive.

    Evolution is still going on, because financiers need to give people some knowledge in military development and the exploitation of raw materials in order to maintain their profits. Therefore, many discoveries occurred in these areas and were only consolidated in other industries.

    But in the course of evolution, the population of planet Earth is rapidly declining during the extermination of people by financiers. The share of people of the Caucasian race is decreasing especially rapidly. This race of people has a longer history of development, so the knowledge of these people was more advanced. Methods of production and tillage were historically more advanced. Caucasians settled peacefully and developed local areas, especially in the Middle East, Northern India, and Northern China. The war of the British against all the peoples of the world led to the destruction of Australians, Africans, to the impoverishment of Indians, and the gradual destruction of the historical roots of Europeans by simply destroying cities, burning books, prohibitions on crafts, their own songs, music, and dances.

    And now the peoples of Asia and Africa, who are at the impoverished feudal level of development, are simply driven out of their homeland and driven to foreign countries for idleness and robbery.

    The war of the British against the whole world is cruel and merciless, because the caste of the English begins already in their homeland, is fixed in India and caste is transferred to other countries, where the money of the British destroys everything that is human in people's lives. The British are cruelly destroying the middle class in their own country, just as in other countries the smart, productive class of workers and engineers, as well as managers of small and medium-sized production, is being destroyed.

    And the pandemic just blatantly closes down production and humiliates people by wearing masks and finding modes.

    As humanity unites against England, so it can survive. If he continues to allow himself to be bullied, then humanity will continue to be destroyed and be disenfranchised before financiers.

  5. If everyone will only be engaged in science, how will the sewer system remain serviceable, and the entrance is clean? What to eat, what to wear? All that is around – it is not at all created by the stupid thoughts of scientists alone.

  6. Because people believe that there are other people-specialists who are engaged in the development of science. For example, we can take the problem of extending the life span of a person. This is the main problem of humanity. But a person lives and thinks, so one of the scientists is studying this issue, and soon he will create a pill for old age, and I will definitely not die of old age and will live forever! But in the end, old age comes and a person sees that no one has studied this problem, and no one has created any “pills for old age”, and he himself already needs to die of old age… But there is a paradox in this question. The young and quick-witted do not study the question of eternal life because they do not need it yet, and the old can no longer study it because of old age.

  7. These are the fundamentals of economics. You will learn this in geography classes in the 10th grade. For science to appear, first you need to create a farm and raw materials in the agricultural sector. Then, the resources are extracted by mining. Fuel and energy. Mechanical engineering and industry. Then transport and transportation. Communications and the Internet. Trade, wholesale and retail. And for all this, finances are required. Loans and borrowings. Share capital. And only after the creation of investment capital, there are funds for science and R & D. Where do you get the money from, your elderly pensioners, or something? Well, if you take 50 million pensioners and 30 million single mothers, and take away a thousand rubles from each of them, well, it will probably be possible to make a spaceport. But not the rockets. We need to create a separate space science and industry for them. And this is a very expensive pleasure.

  8. Because most of the people involved in real science, from the point of view of an ordinary person, spend their whole life doing such garbage and boredom that they can hang themselves in a couple of weeks from boredom. Yes, and serious science eats up a lot of money. Moreover, without return in the coming years or even decades. AND WHO WILL EARN THEM if everyone is engaged in pure science?

  9. There is a long-standing and simple answer to your question. However, it takes the form of a rhetorical question: “Where does the money come from?”

    Economically, it looks like this. All sorts of intellectual activities that do not directly bring money to the economy (physiocrats in the 18th century spoke of “product” and “product reproduction”, referring to agriculture as the main branch of the economy) are unnecessary luxuries. Space exploration doesn't make money. So this is an unnecessary luxury.

    (But financial speculation and inflating bubbles on the stock exchange brings money! Therefore, the IMF is also responsible for stock market speculation).

    If we turn to the history of science, the biggest achievements were associated with the arms race. If it is true that the global world is disintegrating and world wars will start again, then science will not stand still.

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