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  1. Because Russian TV shows are designed for a specific audience. This audience does not watch Western TV shows, because it is “difficult” and “necessary to think” there. No kidding, this is a life example.

    Well, why do such people need something like a “True detective”? No need. Most of the people who will appreciate it don't watch TV. And as a result, shooting such projects simply will not pay off/will gain a penny.

    At the same time, you can make silly romantic stories and TV shows about cops. You can cram as many ads as you can into each frame, and try to spend as little as possible on scenery/lighting/effects. And why?�

    The situation is an endless circle, where one side is watching because they are filming, and the other side is filming because they are watching. The way out of it, in my opinion, will be found itself in ten or twenty years. Television will simply become obsolete if it does not change to suit the viewer. And when the current audience is replaced by people who are not interested in typical Russian TV shows, then, yes, they will shoot something else, and better.

  2. Because this is the best way of propaganda-booze, mata, drugs, pay attention to how everyone drinks in the new TV shows and how many TV shows have become with terrible mats. All this helps to make people dumber, to show that this is all normal, especially for young people and children …

    Very sorry

  3. Because your definition of normality differs from that of the channel management, which rules the ball.
    I can guess: you want something HBO-style with their Game of Thrones, One Night Stand, and so on. Or something, at least, like Bones, Elementary, Deceive me…
    But in fact it is. Watch the latest TV shows on Channel One. They are surprisingly high-quality and can compete with Western ones in the quality of shooting and acting.�
    But the problem with our TV shows is that:
    1 – they are not liked a priori. Here at least you crack, “our people shoot” g “and that's it”, no matter how well it was shot. And they shoot well. At a very high level, when compared with the West.
    2-our people remove the “g”. And here it is worth making a reservation. The first point is about the audience's attitude, which is initially negative and cannot be changed by anything, and then about the choice of topics. If in the West there are dramas, comedies, historical films, and fantasy (well, at least some), then we don't go beyond detective stories/action movies for men and snotty stories for ladies. “We're not the same … well… you understand.” Even children's movies disappeared for the same reason – ” children should go for a walk, not watch TV!” Therefore, there are very few screenwriters, serious specialists in this field.
    3-TV channels have their own clear topic, which they don't want to go beyond. Therefore, on some channels, like NTV, there are “Streets of Broken Lanterns”, or TV3 – “Blind”, or whatever the series about the old lady is?… And no one is interested in the fact that these 2 series were shot tastelessly and you don't believe in the actors ' game at all. They are suitable for the topic and they should be on the air, because you need to show something.�
    And on others, like the First One and Russia, they are trying to do something, but in the streams of the masses they are simply blown away.
    4-and this question stands apart – our TV channels do not understand how to make money on their air, except for advertising. And without money, there are no high-quality TV shows. Therefore, they shoot what happens and how it turns out, on what is or will be found and with those who are called or gathered.

    And what do we get in the end?�What you describe in the question.

  4. Because they watch it. It's simple)

    People eat.

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