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  1. High immunity and lack of tolerance of the body to thc substances. That is, the following happens: thc gets into the body, it turns on the alarm and immune cells chop up other people's cabbage, not allowing the effect to manifest. If you are not satisfied with this, you need to increase the body's tolerance to marijuana, that is, allow it to get used to it, ceasing to perceive it as an enemy. Do not confuse this with drug addiction, these are completely different things. To do this, you can smoke a little bit every day until you realize that the effect has begun to appear, and then, on the contrary, go down. Or a quick way, but not cheap-bake a cookie or make yogurt with a couple of grams. I will warn you in advance if you decide to choose the second method, do not go anywhere, stay at home and free up a couple of days, because during the trip you will be inadequate and it is not worth scaring others, and after the departure will be hard.

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