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  1. In my experience, these people are just sitting on something:

    • coffee caffeine tabletscoffee paste(one cup is brewed with tea and coffee, tastes disgusting, but acts as a good stimulant because of the horse dose of tonin);

    • strong teachifir;

    • small doses of alcohol (when added to tea or in the form of mulled wine, they increase performance for several hours);

    • ephedrine (semi-legal drugs, I don't recommend it because of dangerous side effects);

    • chocolate (because of the substance theobromine, which speeds up the brain and keeps you awake);

    • neurostimulants (nothing to do with sleep mode, just speeds up mental activity);

    • various amphetamine-type drugs (example, not advice: osteoporosis and crumbling teeth are not the best addition to a completed session);

    • antidepressants such as fluoxetine (also do not advise, it knocks down the body and, according to reviews, polarizes the psyche, which can lead to disorders)

    Many methods are legal, many are in the “relatively” category (for example, caffeine tablets can be found in a store for jocks, although pharmacies stopped selling it more than a year ago).

    Occasionally, there are examples of people with developed willpower or anxiety disorder (they work and do not sleep because of the fear of deadlines). However, all these are very temporary measures, which are enough for a maximum of several days without sleep, with increasingly decreasing performance.

  2. Try to shake up your sleep pattern thoroughly.

    The fact that you feel stupid after 4 days is a normal reaction of the body, because your coordination is lost without sleep

  3. It happens not_plus_2-3_days, so as_want_do_productive_day does not give_me_quiet.I do a lot of things that aren't necessary,and I'm happy about it.I keep myself in balance only thanks to the frost_chamber (cool_brains)_cigarette, _banal_dush

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